My newest infatuation

I just went to the Fresh Market for my lunch break to pick up one of their yummy pimento cheese sandwiches. They make the best pimento cheese EVAH. Yes, even better than yours. I’m sorry to break it to you. They put something in there, like maybe heroin, or possibly LSD, but something that totally makes me happy to be eating it. I have actually dreamt about their pimento cheese. It’s THAT GOOD.

But in general? I’m just terribly in love with place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Fresh Market makes me want to be healthy. It makes me want to eat fresh veggies and fruit. It makes me want to lookup what I would do with “Freshly Ground Sage” because in the bag it is simply inspiring. I want to be the person that buys fresh herbs. And then cooks with them. I don’t even know people who do that, and I don’t even know how to pronounce most of the herbs on the rack. But dammit – I want to buy them! And use them! In something healthy.

They have nineteen trillion different variations of rice. What is the difference? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want to try it all. And their broccoli display? Is like a work of art, stacked into the ice in a perfect little mountain of green. It’s fantastic. There are bags of pasta that say “Al Dente” and I have no idea what that means – but it looks fancy and classy and like something I totally need to buy. The pears are wearing sweaters and the cheese is freshly grated. I’ve never been a food snob in my life, but this places makes me want to be one because everything is just so damn pretty. I don’t even like steaks, but their meat department makes me drool.

I don’t know what it is with this place, but every time I go I find myself buying things I don’t know how to cook. But then – I go home – and LEARN how to cook it. Do you see how it works? The Fresh Market is turning me into the woman of my husband’s dreams. Next thing you know? I’ll be buying an avocado and making my own guacamole.

But not yet – because the Fresh Market sells the yummiest fresh guacamole. And yes, it’s better than yours too. I’m sorry.

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24 thoughts on “My newest infatuation”

  1. I have this same problem/joy with Stew Leonard’s. It is inspiring to see all the beautiful fruits and vegetables and fresh fish, etc. has lots of useful information on the different rices. I recently tried Basamti rice and the description was spot on.

  2. I grow my own herbs in the summer and once you switch to fresh, it is hard to go back. We have a garden in the corner of our yard, but herbs don’t take up much room and can be grown in pots using whatever room you can spare.

  3. Zoot, I have been reading you for quite a while now, and I don’t know what it is, but lately I have just fallen in love with your writing all over again. Not that your writing and I were ever really at odds, of course, but my New Year intention was to nurture myself spiritually, and I feel like your style of prose helps me to that end. Your spirit is infectuously positive. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. That all sounds so wonderful! I have been cooking more and more since I moved across the street from a really great market — it’s true how inspiring all of that lovely food can be.

    Incidentally, I meant to comment on your entry about the new rice cooker, because I had just bought the same exact one (it’s from Target, right?) and I love it — it absolutely makes healthy cooking so easy. Have fun with all of it!

  5. Hey sweetie, thank you so much for the linky love! I’m up to 65 comments already, the most I’ve ever had EVER. Thanks for sending your friends over to my place!

    P.S. “Heroes”. Dude. Looking forward to listening to you and LilZ’s podcast.

  6. Need recipes? I love to cook and practically grew up in a restaurant. I know the differences between the rice, herbs and wine :) Teehee :) Seriously… need ideas?

    And I totally love that store… It’ll make me fat, healthy or not.

  7. Zoot, come summer you look me up and I’ll give you an awesome, fresh from your own garden guacamole recipe. You’ll never look at an avocado the same. And it uses fresh herbs that you can grow yourself (and know what to do with them).

  8. Oh no, pimento cheese. Here I thought I was the only person who liked pimento cheese sandwiches. I will definitely be checking that out! It is not easy to find a good pimento cheese sandwich around here.

  9. “Al dente” means to the teeth according to Ham on the Street, via the Food Channel. The idea that it is perfect, not under cooked or over cooked, just perfect.

  10. Dude! I agree that it is unfair you have to go further south for that store! We go visit friends in Florida every year and I want to take the store home. Do they have the Lemon Bars at yours? omg.

  11. I got one of their butter garlic chickens for dinner tonight. And while they cooked that for me I also loaded up on some of their yummy veggies to cook. I love that place. After buying apples for my husband there once he will no longer let my buy them from anywhere else.

  12. I love pears wearing sweaters – they’re the best!

    Yes, getting good, fresh produce is definitely incentive to eat healthier. It makes me mad that good produce isn’t available for EVERYONE. Back in my Poor Days, I remember not liking veggies very much and no wonder – canned and frozen do not cut it.

    Happy cooking! The internet is a great resource.

  13. While foodies slam her, rachel ray is the reason I now cook with fresh herbs, she uses them all the time in her recipes and they are generally easy to make. check her stuff at

  14. I love Rachel Ray!! You should get one of her cookbooks! They are super easy to use.
    Plus, they really only take 30 minutes. “al dente” means pasta that is not over-cooked, it is a tiny bit chewy.

    And, what is this market that you speak of? I live in Georgia and I have never seen one. You can bet your sweet bippy that I will be google-ing as soon as I am done!!

    On Saturdays I watch the Food Network because all my favorite shows are on….you should check it out. Provided there is no college football on of course!!

    Happy cooking!!

  15. Oh yeah baby!! I just found one in Atlanta!! I am totally getting dressed and getting the boys in the car AND DRIVING TO ATLANTA TO CHECK IT OUT!!

    I will report back.

  16. You inspired me, and I made butternut squash soup last night – with a real butternut squash and everything! Too bad no one in our family will eat it but me.

  17. It’s obvious you haven’t had my guacamole… ;)

    (living in Texas, it’s like a law that you learn to make your own before you finish middle school.)

    Oh, and you rock.

  18. Bitch, you did NOT just dis my guacamole, did you? Don’t make me cut you. I love Fresh Market and all, but let’s not get crazy here.

    Also, thanks for the sweet comment on my PMS post! :)

    Also also, try the brown rice sushi if you haven’t already!

  19. Alas, my husband wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market instead… so no Fresh Market…sigh. The weather is too bad to go today. Hopefully I can go soon.

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