I have a feeling I’m going to regret posting this

The last time I joked about having a crush on a teen actor (keyword being: JOKED) I got called a perv. So, I post this with no immediate commentary other than these simple points:

  • I think this move, a theater production that requires nudity, will do nothing but help Daniel Radcliff’s career and allow him to break free of the Harry Potter role when he sees it is time to do so.
  • I wish him the best of luck and hope his performance gets excellent reviews.
  • Daniel Radcliffe is a good looking young man.

I am fairly certain non of that can be misconstrued. Now that I’ve covered my bases – here is a gallery of promo photos for that stage production. There is no nudity in them, but they are suggestive and probably not the Harry Potter imagery you want to show your kids.


28 thoughts on “I have a feeling I’m going to regret posting this”

  1. I found those photos today too, and oh my god… My love for Daniel Radcliffe has developed from “awww… look at litte 11 yr old orphan Harry – want to pick him up and cuddle him” to “Oh my goodness, he’s only 17. Are the thoughts I am having about that body hair even legal???” ;o)

  2. Yeah, when I saw some shots from this production the other day, I was thinking that he’s—albeit a bit skinny stiil—turning into quite a good-looking guy. Probably not appropriate for a 30 year old pregnant woman to think this, but it is what it is.

  3. Okay. Normally, I would agree with you. However, I have to admit that I was a little uncomfortable with his role in Sunday’s episode of the Extras. Of course, as the ACTOR himself, I only want the best for him. But it was still disconcerting to see HARRY POTTER cursing, acting macho, flipping around an unrolled condom and coming on to Maggie, a gal about twice his age. ;-) Hairy Potter, indeed!

  4. Yeah, I am right with you on this one. I actually emailed this pics to a friend to get his opnion. The verdict? Yes, he’s hot, and it’s not gross because it’s not like he’s lying naked across his desk at Hogwarts or something.

  5. I keep on repeating the mantra: I am not a dirty old woman, I am not a dirty old woman… when I look at those pictures. The partner saw them today independent of me and asked me what I thought about them, knowing of my indecent love for Daniel. Seventeen is of legal age in Britain, I might add. He’ll be eighteen soon, right?

  6. I was going to forward these to you…and then I realized that…duh…of course you’ve already seen them.

    I agree, this will be GREAT for his (non HP) career.

  7. So felt naughty yet he looks so…..hot…dare I say?
    ~Going to wash the naughty comment about his magic wand out of my head!

  8. I was going to send them on too!! but thought Naaaw, she has seen em!! Man….if you haven’t seen the play it is intense…it was done at my college, and it was just wow. I would actually love to see DR in it….not just because of the nudity (when is he 18 again??) but because of what he could do with the whole role!!

  9. Yeah…wow…17. Huh. And yet he looks much older than the “men” that Cosmo publishes shirtless each month. Those make me feel like a total pervert. He’s just damned hot…but 17. Yeah. I think it’s a bit unholy to think so…I’m going to have to avoid looking at him in anything but HP for a couple of years!

  10. Oh, good, so I’m NOT the only candidate for President of the Dirty Old Lady club.

    (But, um, yeah. *drool*)

    I’d love to be able to see the play. I’ve never seen it but just read the script for it and was trying to imagine Daniel in the role. I must say I didn’t quite imagine him like that!

  11. lol..am i lucky or wat..m the only 17 teen year old here and also the only person who doesn’t have to feel guiltly about fallin in love with dan radcliffe all over again..!!!! :)

  12. lol..am i lucky or wat..
    m the only 17 teen year old here and also the only person who doesn’t have to feel guiltly about fallin in love with dan radcliffe all over again..!!!! :) :)

  13. hahaha…totally cracking up w/ben’s comment! ahaha

    yeah, he turned out to be a good looking kid…but…am i the only one that sees his head is bigger than the rest of his body?

  14. I agree with Stacey. Equus is a very intense play and the main character has a very demanding role. Even though the character is a teenager it it hard for me to imagine someone Daniel’s age being able to handle the complexity of the role. It is a great opportunity for him to show he can be more than just Harry Potter.

  15. Good Lord!!! That is a yummy morsel of man meat!

    The article said he was not shy about taking his clothes off. If my body looked like that, I would go naked everywhere I went!

    So, Zoot, when do we leave for London to go see this play? I fully support the arts!!

  16. I feel bad for Daniel Radcliffe because some of the press has been focused on how outrageous it is for “Harry Potter” (star of a kids’ book!) to be getting naked on stage.

    News flash, ignorant people: Harry Potter is just a character. Daniel Radcliffe has every right to pursue additional acting opportunities to further his career.

    Especially because he is one handsome young man.

  17. I agree with our point that it can only help his career. All the press about “Harry” getting naked just proves the point. To (far too) many people he is not Daniel but Harry, which is why they are so upset.

    Is there any doubt that he would (will) have trouble with people seeing him as anything BUT Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, and I think Daniel has done a magnificent job of bringing Harry to life on the screen… but he is NOT Harry Potter, and people just need to realize that.

    I just can’t help but wonder what happens in a few years, when somebody sees “Harry” drinking in a pub.

  18. Well at least he’s older than Dakota Fanning..

    My friend acted in the first Harry Potters and he said the crew used to joke about the troll scene script sounding like a porno. “Hermione backed into the corner trembling, while Harry lifts his wand…” etc

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