Glad to know you all are in a funk too

It looks like everyone is feeling a little…blah…lately. Several of you mentioned that it’s the month January – which typically makes people feel crappy. I say, let’s blame it on January! I’m all for blaming my emotional problems on inanimate objects or concepts. You should see how often I yell at the couch for stealing my car keys. Or when I punish TiVo for keeping me from laundry. What has January ever done for me? Besides allow my son to be born. And my mother. And one of my best friends. But in reality? Those are not GOOD things – they should have been born in February, dammit. Who has a birthday so close to Christmas? MEAN PEOPLE, that’s who.

So – let’s blame the funk on January. We have 48 more hours of Stupid January, and then we can all feel happy and cheery again. Deal?

And until then – how about a video of NikkiZ dancing? Your wish is my command. And please disregard the loud, “Woo Hoo!” I yell towards the end. I’m totally that person who has to “Woo Hoo!” at everything. I apologize.



11 thoughts on “Glad to know you all are in a funk too”

  1. I don’t know that I’m personally in a funk, but geez, this month everything has SUCKED. And it’s been expensive! And involved locksmiths and new monitors and replaced wedding bands!

    February is usually my worst month and it isn’t even here yet. How does a month that is so short pack in so much suckage?

  2. It’s totally true, January is always a lousy month for me! Then along comes February and things start to look up,and the tax refund rolls in, and just general betterness! lol

  3. I cannot remain blah after seeing that video. The book must be special to be honored with a dance:-) Thanks for sharing!

    On the January thing – deal!!

  4. I can’t view the video until I get home but I am sure it will cure my funk as well. I am beyond ready for this month to be over!!!! Feb. is a good month…until the 14th that is. ;)

  5. Blaming January — I’ve done that. My second child was born January 28, and I had the baby blues in the worst way. I blamed it on January — it is so blech. . . no sunshine to brighten my mood………

  6. Totally, completely, fully blaming it on the rain. (“…yeah, yeah…”)

    Fresh sage is GREAT stir-fried IN BUTTER with walnuts and served with butternut squash ravioli sprinkled with gorgonzola cheese. (Sounds weird, I know, but is highly addictive.)

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