Okay. Let’s get this over with now, shall we? My resolutions. Something I never do because I have no faith in myself. But this year? I’m feeling brave.

1) Every month I’m going to give up one unhealthy thing that I eat. Why? To force myself to find alternatives so that after the month is over, maybe my mindset will be different. For example – January: Fast Food and Donuts. Those are two quick fixes I find for meals when I’m hungry and have no time. I want to force myself to just avoid those situations to begin with. By, you know, planning meals. And maybe, you know, cooking once in awhile.

2) I’m going to take Sweetie on a long walk/run at least five times a week. She is an awesome dog but has some odd neurosis that Cesar Milan (What? He’s the pack-leader, you know) says may be caused by a lack of exercise. I took her on a mile-run two nights ago and practically had to drag her that last quarter-of-a-mile. She’s a wee out of shape.

3) Run a marathon. I’ve decided to run the one in Nashville instead of New Orleans. It’s closer than New Orleans, and I may be able to talk my family into to joining me. It’s in April and there’s a band at every mile. Of course, it’s also country music, not my favorite by any means – but I still love a party – so I’ll take it.

4) Schedule. I try to cram a million tasks into every day. However, even with those million tasks, I go to bed every night knowing there were still 10-or-so that I didn’t complete. Two kids. A husband. A house. Dogs. Cats. Food. I can’t do everything every day. So, I’m going to try to come up with a schedule. List out the things that need to be done every day: Laundry (if I don’t at least do one task a day – wash, dry, fold or put up – it piles up), cooking, dishes, etc. And decide a set time every day to do those things. The things that don’t need to be done every day – groceries, bathrooms, showering – I’ll decide what days to do those things and stick to the schedule. Instead of going to bed thinking, “I didn’t balance the checkbook today,” I can go to bed thinking, “That’s a Wednesday task. I rock.” And any time I can go to bed thinking, “I rock” is a good thing.

5) Read. I was a huge reader from age 0 until about 3 years ago. I don’t have a lot of free time for new hobbies, but reading used to be something I loved loved loved – and I really want to get back into it again. I don’t want to set too lofty goals due to the aforementioned time crunch, but I think one book a month is decent. And since I already started a book three weeks ago that I haven’t finished yet (Eragon – it’s an awesome book and I really want to finish it so I can see the damn movie already), so I’m starting this resolution off by cheating! Woo Hoo!

6) Visit my brother. I had such an amazing trip with my brother last month that it reminded me how sucky it is that I don’t schedule that type of thing more often. Some of it is money, of course, it’s hard to fly your family across the country on a budget. But, it should be something we prioritize above, you know, eating out at the local Mexican dive once a week. So – we’re going to fly to see my brother in Tucson in the Spring. That’s it right there. End of story. If I have to sell a toe to pay for it (there’s a huge black market for toes, you know) we will.

7) Do not buy any more calendars this year. Amen. I have this bad habit of buying new calendars every few months. Not only is this a bad habit financially, but it feeds an already unhealthy office-supply addiction. I buy new ones because I don’t like it when the old ones become messy. But – it takes me a full day to transfer everything (neatly) into the new calendar. So, it also becomes a HUGE waste of time. I’ve ordered my desk calendar for the year and I have a daily planner for my purse. I need NOTHING else. If it gets messy, I must suck it up and deal with it. I will NOT buy a new one!

8 ) I will organize and scan my photos. Maybe not all of them this year, but I would like to work through a box (they are small boxes) every three months.

9) Start archiving stories from family. I realized recently that MrZ has a lot of awesome stories from his band days that he is slowly forgetting the details of. I decided I’m going to interview him once a week on this blog and make a category called: “The History Book” where I’ll keep all of the stories that we want the kids to have record of. I’m also going to document stories from our parents in that category too, but I think if I asked them to let me interview them once a week they’d all shoot me. So, I have to figure out a way around that one.

10) Eat fresh vegetables at least once a week. I am not a big meat-eater. I was a vegetarian for six years. I was a vegan for nine months one of those years. I would love to be a vegetarian again, but I’m too lazy. Unless you’re going to do it the smart way by making sure you get all of the necessary vitamins and amino acids in the right combinations of vegetables – it can actually hurt your body to do it. Since I’m not willing to put that much effort into it again (LAZY), I am going to start trying to eat more fresh vegetables. Not necessarily raw, of course, but vegetables that were not canned or frozen before entering my mouth. Now – who can tell me how to cook fresh vegetables?


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  1. Whoa, great list!
    I’m tired after just READING the ding-dong thing.

    Maybe consider using frozen veggies? They can actually be more nutritious than fresh ones because they’re frozen quickly after harvest and keep more of their vitamins. (And require SO much less prep.)

    Good luck! You can do it!

  2. no krispy kremes for a month??? wow. I am impressed beyond impressed!! :)

    Fresh veggies?? I hate to ask but to do you have a steamer? if you do just throw some in the steamer and have some of the best veggies ever in a few moments.

    good luck on the reading!! I am going to try to read 10 classics this year!!

  3. OK, first of all, you made an awesome list, and I think I need to borrow most of it for myself. OK?
    Second, I can definitely help you with the veggies. Can you tell me which ones you like? My favorite veggie method, especially during the winter, is roasting. Just cut the veggie, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper in a ziploc, and throw it in a roasting pan. Cook at 375-400 degrees for about 20 minutes or so (when the veggies are nice and browned and smell great, they are done). We do this with cauliflower and brussel sprouts most frequently, but you can even do it with potatoes. Feel free to email for more veggie recipes. I have a TON of them.

  4. Great list. I forgot to put reading and better planning on mine. Perhaps that is why I wake up some mornings hating myself – its because I didn’t get done what needed to happen yesterday and then today just seems like a bitch straight from the beginning.

    Also, how the hell do you get up so early? Do you ever sleep? I’m jealous – I need so much sleep … and your running? Where do you fit that in?? I’m really trying to get back into exercise, it’s two fold, for my wedding and for my dog.

    Ok, so the real thing you actually WANTED to know … how to cook raw veggies. My favs are steamed broccoil, and steamed green beans. If you buy fresh broccoli in the store, rinse it off with water at home, chop it up a little so it’s in bite size pieces (or just break the stems apart) place it in a microwave safe dish with a lid (i inherited like a million of these from my late grandma, and they work great. pyrex makes a few, glass bowl, glass lid, and Target sells them) … put the fresh broc. in the bowl, add like, 3 tablespoons of water/just a splash, really, very little! and microwave for 3 minutes. You’ll have delicious fresh steamed broccoli. Also, when I was a kid, my Mom always gave us fresh veggies and dip on the table with ranch dressing while she was cooking. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots…. This steaming method works for any veggie. If you want some flavah! … use a dash of salt and pepper, after steaming, or garlic powder, you can also steam it with a few cloves of fresh garlic just mixed in with the broccoli, Mrs.Dash, or any seasoning or sauce you like.

    Add a fresh steamed green veggie to your meal of mac n’cheese and its suddenly “balanced” …. :)

    Good Luck.

  5. Nothing to do with today’s post, but as I saw the “On my mind” mini-post in your side bar, and I am equally Harry Potter obsessed (yes, I already have pre-ordered my copy of Book 7…), I just wanted to check you are familiar with the website ? I particularly like the “Dumbledore is not dead” bit…

    Oh, and more on topic, I second the steaming veg thing…

  6. I’m already looking forward to “The History Book” posts!

    As for the veggies, I STRONGLY recommend an electric rice & veggie steamer. I adore mine. Pour water in the steamer, plug it in, place cut up veggies (or rice or seafood or whatever) in the basket & walk away. I am a big fan of the lazy method of cooking.

  7. For the first time in my life I got on the scale and saw the 200 lbs. mark. Yeap it’s time to commit and get on a diet. I like your idea of giving up junk food a little at a time.

  8. Hi Zoot! Happy new year to you too!
    I just realized i don’t comment anymore since i’ve installed the RSS reader. Shame on me. I’m gonna put commenting on blogs on my resolution list!
    Furthermore i would like to put 1,3, 4&5, 8, 9 and 10 on the list too, but a list of 20 resolutions has FAILURE written all over it. However my favorites are 3 and 9, so i’ll steal them from you, ok?

  9. I’m agreeing with foodmomiac. I used to steam veggies all the time, and to be honest, I just hated them. They were bland most of the time, no matter how much seasoning you put on them. But roasting veggies has opened up a whole new world for me. Olive oil, salt, and pepper with dry heat makes veggies really come alive. My favorite are squash (all kinds, but especially yellow and green), asparagus, brussel sprouts (this actually makes brussel sprouts so yummy), tomatoes, onions, and peppers. I usually do a combination. The trick is to let them get good and toasted because this adds even more flavor.

    I have a great greens recipe too that uses butter, onions, garlic, and a bag of greens like Mustard, Turnips, Chard, or any other (which you can get in Tucson at any supermarket, but I’m not sure about in Alabama, because I never saw them when I lived there). I never knew greens could be so damned good.

  10. My comment is on your #4: I made a list of each of the major areas of my house and assigned one to completely clean each day, so Monday is the boys’ bedroom and playroom, Tuesday is the Master bedroom and bathroom, Wednesday is Kaitlyn’s room and the second bathroom, etc. I also assigned specific days for laundry. I’m hoping it helps me feel less stressed about getting the housework done.

    Do you think Foodmomiac would share those veggie recipes with me? The baby is the only person in the house who regularly eats them, so I could use some ideas!

  11. The very best way to make broccoli, in my opinion, is about a teaspoon of diced garlic (you can use the canned stuff that’s prediced), 1/4 cup of water, and 3 tablespoons of soy sauce in a pan. Add the broccoli trees, cover, and steam until they’re bright green. Its lowfat, healthy, and the soy/garlic makes the broccoli more interesting. :-)

    Also, I agree with roasting! Roasted fennel, asparagus, broccoli…. they’re all great with just a few spices and some olive oil. The best yet that I’ve had is broccoli with chili powder, salt, and pepper with a bit of olive oil. Its a Rachel Ray recipe, on the food network if you’re interested!

  12. i am entirely disturbed to find not one of your resolutions involves finding your way to seattle this year….preferably w/ the whole fam! i guess i’ll have to go find you a marathon to run here, dear.

  13. Great list of resolutions! My fave fresh veggie to cook is asparagus. Just lay the spears out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with a little parmasan cheese. Stick them in the oven (350 degrees) for about 12-15 minutes. Eggplant is really simple to prepare as well. Just slice one up very thinly, then dip the slices into raw egg. Cook in a skillet on medium heat with a little olive oil. (It’s best to only cook what can lay flat in your skillet at one time, around 4-6 slices depending on the size of your skillet.) Flip the slices after a few minutes. It’s really good! I also like to sneak bites of the raw eggplant while I’m cooking, but then again I am strange.

  14. Good luck with the marathon! My goal is to jog three miles. Right now I walk alot and I can do a few laps of running without getting winded.

    I love to read and for the first time this past year, I started listening to books on CD(or you can do this with an MP3 player.) It is actually a great way to “read” without reading. You can do it while doing something else and it saves time!

  15. hey good luck with all the goals, I love the idea about the history, but how about one a week, thats about 12 interviews for Mr, inlaws and parents a year.

    Thats really not so bad.

  16. Whoa– loving the veggie recipes. I was writing to say I won’t join you on the running, but my friends have run that marathon several yrs now and say it’s great.

    Also, let us know if you scan the photos– maybe you’ll inspire me to do the same.

  17. Hi Zoot. I have never commented on any blog before. The whole “reading blogs” is new to me this year (along with Motherhood – I have an 8 month old) and I started reading them when I was on bedrest. I friend told me about Amalah then I found you through her.

    Long story short to say that I live in Nashville and I have run the whole and 1/2 marathon here. I am currently training for a triathlon so not sure if I will do the Country Music this year or not. Please feel free to email me any questions…..

    Love your blog, BTW!

  18. Wow — those are some really great resolutions, Zoot. Very specific, which I think is imporant. Whenever I see somebody say they’re going to do something, and it’s vague, usually I don’t pay any attention to it. But writing it down like this will definitely help keep you accountable. That’s why I did my 101 Things list — because I knew if I didn’t, I’d just keep putting the things off. I need a list to keep me accountable. :)

    Best of luck!

  19. Delurking! I wish you the best of luck!

    Now, vegetables:

    All you need is kosher salt and olive oil. Nearly every damn fresh vegetable can be sauted in just a few minutes with these two things. And be effing delicious.

    Just drizzle extra virgin olive oil in a pan, heat to medium high heat, throw vegetables in, add kosher salt as you like (experiment, it’s all tasty), stir it around so it doesn’t burn and when the vegetables turn a bright yummy color (bright green, orange, what have you), they’re done!

    Let’s see. Carrots, green beans, broccoli, and asparagus are our staples.

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