I’m so old. (Again.)

LilZ ordered a poster for his bedroom of The Pussycat Dolls. As in…the pseudo-strippers that sing that song…loosen up my buttons, babe. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video – but LilZ downloaded it and loves it. Of course. I mean, it’s several totally hot chics dancing on chairs to a song that asks someone to help them take their clothes off. OF COURSE HE LOVES IT. Ever since he’s gotten that poster he’s had to hear me say, “What kind of mother let’s their daughters dress like that?” And, “Girls who act like that are nothing but two-bit whores.” And my personal favorite, “Those girls do not looks smart.”


I don’t know if it’s because he’s old enough now to find sexiness appealing, and that makes me want to ground him indefinitely. Or, if it’s because I now have a daughter and I fear her seeing performances like this in 10 years and thinking about acting like that. Either way, I am officially a crotchety old lady who would really like the kids to turn down their music and pull up their damn pants already.

I try to remember that the second I tell LilZ he can’t listen to, or do something, he’s going to want to that much more. Therefore, I let him listen to what he wants and try to keep an open line of communication about it. For example, whenever the song comes on I say, “Great. You’re listening to the strippers again.” Or sometimes I say, “Aren’t there any bands with girls who wear clothes that you can listen too?” Those are both great examples of conversation starters, aren’t they?

He’s lucky to have me.