Holy shitake mushrooms, batman

(I have no idea what that title means. Sometimes I blog drunk. This may be one of those times.)

It is really cold today. It is 40°F, which is damn cold considering yesterday was in the 70s. As in, I-should-have-worn-shorts weather. Now, I know some of you who live in foreign lands where there are periodic occurrences of something called “snow” – will probably laugh at my “really cold” description. You people may consider this weather “spring” for all I know. But I am not KRAZEE like you people. I am normal and get cold when the weather drops below 60°F.

But when the cold sneaks up on me, like it did today, that just pisses me off. Yesterday was all, “La La La – Warm Fall Day” and today I’m all “Holy SHIT. Why didn’t I wear a damn coat?” I feel like there should be some sort of warning when the weather drops 30 degrees in 24 hours. Is that too much to ask? Jeez. Who is the support person in charge of this stuff? Can I submit a help ticket?


15 thoughts on “Holy shitake mushrooms, batman”

  1. Uhm… I’ve heard watching the news for the weather report often helps… ;) *ducks the saucepan flying at her head*

    I use the “Forecast Fox” add on for my Firefox. It adds a little weather forcast thingie to my toolbar on my browser and refreshes when the weather updates. You can customize it to show however many days you want. Mine tells me that it is 31 degrees out there right now, and to expect a high of 49 today, which is fantastic because it’s been awfully chilly all week long. Sweet! :)

  2. Here in Michigan, it’s like someone hit the “December” switch. Yesterday was rainy, but at least started out in the fifties. Today? 30s and snow. Seriously, I think they should flip the switch back.

  3. We’re sorry. You’re request for a ‘weather change help ticket’ has been denied. However, a work-around is available and can be found under the document title “Hey, Suck it up. It’s supposed to be cold in December.”

    If you feel that you should not be receiving this notice, you are advised to put on a coat, and consider what the people living in the Seattle area (including your friend Junkie) had to deal with earlier in the week when 6 inches of snow fell on them.

    Thank you for using the Weather Help Desk.

    Of course I’m just having fun with you Zoot. We Seattlites(?) enjoyed the snow… at least it wasn’t rain for a change. ;o)

    Stay warm.

  4. it’s crazy here in ny. the weather is actually nice, but it has dropped down to 50 somethin degrees. 40 is cold ANYWHERE dont let no one tell u otherwise. lol.

  5. Okay, completely random and off-subject..

    Bloglines hates you. It’s true. Sometimes, it won’t load within the same day of your postings. (I am ranting about this because of your diatribe on another site regarding the superiority of Google Reader, which I switched to a week ago.)

    ANYWAY.. thought you’d find this funny.. Google Reader updated the Bloglines News several HOURS before Bloglines did.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. It’s 7 degrees F here today, which is WAY warmer than it’s been for the past 2 weeks. We have likely near a foot and a half of snow. YUCK (here in Alberta, Canada)

  7. Okay, even here is sunny CA it is freaking cold! I have had to turn on the heater and everything! Crazy! So I am totally with you. Brrrrrrr…go away Mr. 60 degrees! Come back 70’s.

  8. 70 degrees here in the middle of Podunk, PA.

    For me, if it gets over 60, it’s too hot. I like it to stay an average 50 degrees all year round. I function better. Get more done.

    I’m just weird like that I guess.

  9. Amen sister!!!

    It is unlawfully cold out there and someone should be in charge of telling us. Or someone should be in charge of keeping it 60 degrees or higher.

  10. I HATE being cold, so I visit weather.com daily. During the winter, I visit more frequently.

    Hope it is warmer for you.

  11. I received a total of 3 hours of sleep last night because it is finals week at my college. I am up at 7 AM for the first time all quarter…and all I could think of was your crazy sleeping schedule and how you sometimes get up at 4…you are my idol but I have no idea how in the WORLD you do it. :-)

  12. When you find the person in charge, let me know. My mind is still boggled because I had to scrape ICE off my WINDSHIELD the other morning. I live in Los Angeles County, for crying out loud! As is “Southern California”! It gets warm enough to wear a T-Shirt (and sometimes shorts) in the afternoons!

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