I now have a secretary who drools

NikkiZ’s daycare called and she had a very slight fever. We think maybe her ear infection is back, so we have an appointment for her at 3:30pm. I thought I’d see if she’d behave in the office for a little while, since I would like to play fax-catcher today. She is sitting on the floor trying to cram notecards into a notecard holder, and is screaming in frustration. The bad parent in me is very humored by this. Of course, she senses how humored I am and responds to my laughter with even grander screams. Which, of course, makes me laugh harder. It’s a viscous cycle of how to mistreat your child’s anxiety. Come learn from me.

She is also playing with the new pens I saw at Staples and of course, had to buy. I really like them! The tip is a little wide for my liking (medium point) but other than that – they’re great. Since many of you are pen addicts like myself, I thought I’d tell you about them. They are Uni-ball SIGNOs. Have you tried them? Very smooth and quick. I really like them. And of course I bought the pack with 19 different colors because I can not resist the power of a purple pen. It’s a disease.


8 thoughts on “I now have a secretary who drools”

  1. Dude, have you tried the Sarasa by Zebra? They rock. I have seen packages with multiple colors, but the plain black is great. For a disposable gel…so smooth and hardly any skipping.
    I have a problem.

  2. Interestingly enough, I have both sent you a fax today* and within I have used a purple pen. So how’s that for destiny?

    *okay, it was like 10 minutes ago, but that still counts as today, right?

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