Don’t misinterpret my gait

Remember how I got all sorts of wonderful blisters on my long run this weekend because I’m a dumbass who wore new and thin socks? Well, I had to do a short run last night (3 miles) and all of the blisters popped in the process and today? My feet hurt so bad I may be crying as I type this.

Of course, there are popped blisters on both feet, so I can’t even limp properly. I have to favor different parts of each foot to avoid smooshing the sensitive broken blisters. This makes my walk look about as far from graceful and feminine as possible.

My point though, is I’m wondering what I should be doing with these blisters to help them heal by race-day on Saturday. Or what should I have done? MrZ was all about me popping them on Saturday after the run, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Was he right? Would I have been better off popping them then? And now that they’re popped – is there anything I should do to speed up healing? Besides amputating my feet at the ankles?

And let’s not discuss the fact that I’m wearing WHITE running socks with my tan suede Birkenstock clogs. WHITE SOCKS WITH CLOGS. I know…I know…it’s like the fashion equivalent of using the word “ain’t” – something everyone knows is wrong. But my running socks are just so soft! And my Birkenstocks are so comfy! Please allow me this one egregious fashion error for today while my poor piggies heal. Thanks.


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  1. I am pretty sure that they make little disc-like bandaids that are made for blisters. I would try those when you have your shoes on to make the rubbing more bearable, but let them “breathe” as much as possible while at home (no shoes, no socks).

  2. Vaseline all the way – just slather it on for the next 4 days, and then also before you put your socks on on Saturday. May not solve any long term problems, but you won’t hurt as much.

  3. Tip on blisters:

    The key is this – drain the fluid from the blister with a sterile needle, but do not remove the skin!!

    Leaving the skin intact over the blister will make it a bajillion times less painful and will also help prevent infection on the tender skin underneath.

    Also, what steph said about letting them breathe.

    But yeah, just make sure the skin on top of the blister stays intact, thats what really helps!

  4. (P.S – I always wear white socks with my Birks. I know! It’s terrible! Its the only rule I break because seriously, my feet just love it after wearing stilettos all damn day.)

  5. One of my sons is a gymnast and what he does with rips (blisters that pop) is a paste of Preperation H (suppository kind), vitamin E (from inside capsules) & bacitracin. Make into a paste and slather on. Wrap in saran wrap. Put on white socks. (he has to wear socks on his hands at bedtime with this stuff) The socks heat up the paste and the saran wrap holds in the paste. As for why the specifics on the ingredients? No idea. But they say it doesn’t work otherwise.

  6. so, they make these bandages that are blister bandages. you can get them at target (that’s where i got mine!) and they just stay on for several days.

    i had a blister on my right thumb crack from yard work that was all groddy. i put one on it, and in two days it had almost healed. they are miracles, these bandaids. and the best part is that while they’re on, they also cushion, so you shouldn’t have a hard time with walking. or as hard of a time.

  7. Pierce them with a sterile needle (dip in rubbing alcohol) and squeeze out the goo, but don’t rip off the skin. To keep from getting them, like mentioned above, slather on the vaseline, or get Body Glide (looks like a stick of deodorant). Also, get thee to a running store for a shoe fitting – if you have the right shoes, you shouldn’t be getting blisters!

  8. Ahh yes a beginner runner you are !! It is fun! I got blisters when I started covering longer distances and the cure…vaseline, good socks, and good properly fitted shoes and time. Don’t worry…you won’t die from blisters.

  9. Those bandaids mentioned are good for when you are walking/running. Use neosporin ointment with them.

    At home, you should soak in warm water and Epsom Salt and then air dry. Do this often.

    Vaseline may help prevent blisters (I would suggest a product like Glide for this, though) but is not a great idea on feet blisters that have broken because Vaseline prevents air from getting in and can trap/encourage bacterial growth. Neosporin is better when bandaging the blister for running.

    Today and tomorrow, spend as much time as possible with your feet airing out.

  10. If the blister is on the back of your heel then those bandaids like the above poster mentioned won’t stay on for crap! Just FYI. Good luck!

  11. my dad used to hike alot and when he went on extra long hikes he would wear knee-his (like pantyhose) under his socks to protect the blisters…hope this isn’t assvice…

  12. Should have added – the site I linked to recommended (and I’ve heard it recommended) to use duct tape to protect your blisters. No bandaid is going to last that long. No way. (Be THERE dont THAT too..)

  13. When i played basketball in high school, we had this stuff called second skin. it was the clean gel-like membrane that stuck on the blister area and provided a buffer. We covered it with athletic tape to keep it in place. my memory is that this stuff worked pretty well at the time. Of course, that was like 17 years ago.

  14. Try something called moleskin. You should be able to find it in a drugstore or if you have a camping store nearby. Or, there is this stuff called BodyGlide that you can usually find in cycling stores or wherever athletic people hang out (Fleet Feet, maybe?).

  15. When I went to England for my sister-in-law’s wedding, I had to walk all over creation in shoes that did not fit at all well. The result was a crater the size of a half dollar in my left heal. I bought these Band-Aid Blister Block things ( and wore 1 (count it – 1) for 5 days. You never take it off, you shower with it, you don’t treat the blister with anything. When I took the pad off the blister was completely healed. For real.

    These things rock. Just follow the instructions and they work like nobody’s business. I’ve had blisters since then, as has my husband, and we swear by them.

    I always have some in the house. :-) Good luck with your run!!

  16. Okay, this is going to be gross, but you asked for it…

    When hiking in Alaska I got the worst blisters ever (for me anyway; I can’t speak for other people’s blisters). I mean, I had them on the bottoms, tops, sides and backs of my feet as well as on my toes and, the worst ones, under the toenails on the toes beside by big toes. I couldn’t do much about them enroute but after the hike I drained them with a sterile needle (feeling my toenails settle back into place was just soooo weird) and put some polysporin in them for a couple of days to prevent infection. They healed surprisingly fast.

    I would also suggest asking the people at the store you bought your running tights what they do and if they have any good products or certain socks that’d help you out. Fanatical runners deal with blisters all the time.

    Good luck with the run!

  17. Band-aid makes a liquid band-aid that is almost like crazy glue. It covers the wound and by the time it wears off the wound is gone. It also makes the hurt go away. It paints on like nail polish. It is amazing stuff, for any cuts/abrasions/blisters.

  18. As a dancer… we get blisters a lot. One thing my friends always did was put their foot in the toilet, (make sure it’s clean first!) and flush it. Apparently it helped. I never did it because I was lucky and maybe have gotten a blister like twice in my life, but it always worked for them.

    Another thing you could try is Nuskin. It’ll burn like a bitch, but it’s like a liquid band aid more or less, and it’ll protect the skin and shouldn’t allow any extra rubbing.

  19. I think you should try the tip about the Prep H mixture on at least one foot, just because it sounds like so much damn fun! The paste? The Saran? What’s not to love?

    And of course– take pix.

    Seriously– I hope your feet heal quickly.

  20. You haven’t reached the supreme loser realm of the fashion world until you are wearing socks with your Crocs. That is a new low, and I’ve done it. But admitting it is the first step…

  21. If you start to get infected please see a doctor. Blisters can be serious… I recently had blisters that ended up needing medication. Let your feet breathe as much as possible. Cotton socks and no shoes whenever possible. Also wear different shoes everyday to help your feet to not be “rubbed” in the same places.

  22. Blisters on feet are cause by rubbing. You need to prevent rubbing between your skin and the socks. Sheer nylon keen-highs or ankle-highs under your normal socks are an excellent suggestion. The rubbing is then between the sheer nylon and the regular socks. Wear tights or pantyhose even if you want an extra layer of warmth on your legs as well. I have worn these successfully with thick socks and good boots and completely avoided blisters on long walks.

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