I’m an idiot

Well. Luckily we already had a check-up scheduled for today or I would have looked like a moron at the doctor’s office with the whole, “She running a fever!” panic. Evidently – that’s normal with her vaccinations from two weeks ago, which I would have known if I had read those damn information sheets they send with each shot. I’m glad the nurse was nice and didn’t add a, “Duh!” after the, “It should have said that in those sheets we gave you…”

But, I had scheduled the follow-up for her ear infections anyway – which I’m happy to report are gone! Yay for happy ears! And clueless moms!

Unfortunately – she’s still really pissed off (probably has something to do with the whole being up since 4am thing) and screaming bloody murder so I’m going to cut this entry short so I can put cotton in my ears to block out the screaming.