• Expect the unexpected if you’re a coworker of mine

    I’ve mentioned before that Nikki’s daycare requires that you take your shoes off at the door before entering the classroom. This is to keep you from tracking crap in that the children will inevitably find before the teacher does and put it in their mouth to choke on. If you don’t want to take your shoes off? They provide hospital booties for you to put over your shoes. If you don’t want to do that either? The flog you in the courtyard for all of the kids to see.

    Or something like that. I can’t remember the exact rules.

    Today, one of my supervisors/coworkers came by my office and said, “Hmm. This is a new thing for you to do.” I turned around and saw him standing at the door, looking down at my shoes sitting outside the door, in the hall. I didn’t even realize I had done that. I kick my shoes off under my desk all the time, but obviously my daycare brain wasn’t completely turned off when I came back from feeding Nikki last time. I just left my shoes by the door like I do at her classroom. I tried explaining that to my coworker, but it didn’t really make me look any better.

    Having a reason behind your brain fart doesn’t make the brain fart itself go away.