BlogHer 2006 – The Bastard Child of the Hyatt Family

Dude. Have you heard about the hotel we stayed in for BlogHer? Bah. Now – let me go on record saying two things: 1) I love Hyatt. I have never met a Hyatt I didn’t like. The one in Knoxville used to have a giant Christmas tree of Poinsettias and an elevator that went outside. 2) The Hyatt at San Jose was perfect for the BlogHer convention. It had the facilities we needed and the catering and the rooms all in one place.

All of that said? Strictly speaking of it as a hotel I happened to stay in this weekend? IT SUCKED. Our room smelled like stale laundry and the mattresses in our room had craters in the middle of them so that we wound up on top of each other by morning. The faucet to the bathroom broke and there was no bathtub. Only a shower. And showering with a baby is difficult because babies are SLIPPERY when they’re soapy and I just knew I was going to drop NikkiZ on her wet head. There were mystery stains on the floor and the pillows had hairs that were NOT mine on them. The elevators were dirty and the stairwell was scary. But do you want to know the worst part about it?

It was a Pepsi place. As in – of all 20 or so soda machines on the property? They ALL SOLD PEPSI. Do you know what that means? I went four days only drinking the Diet Coke that Brit and her husband were willing to share with me. I had to have Diet Pepsi the whole time. NO DIET COKE. I thought I was going to die. As a matter of fact? I did die. I died from Diet Coke deficiency and I am now nothing more than a Diet Pepsi hating ghost, wandering the world haunting facilities like the Hyatt in San Jose.


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  1. Yeah, that place was kinda sketchy, wasn’t it? I mean, it seemed like it was gonna be a great place, and then you realized the a/c is non-existant in a packed conference room or the internet is crapped out or the paint is peeling on the exterior of the building in that ultra-chic sort of way and you go… “Wha??”

    Totally hoping BlogHer ’07 in Chicago is in a nicer place, since I’ll definitely need to be staying there then. (No family in the area to mooch off of)

  2. When are people going to realize that it is a Diet Coke world and Diet Pepsi is just livin’ in it???
    I went to Applebee’s and ordered a Diet Coke with lemon and the waitress asked “Is Diet Pepsi okay”
    I ordered a club soda instead:(

  3. I am a regular Coke drinker and I hear you, sistah. We need to make sure and comment in the forthcoming BlogHer survey that they select a COCA COLA site next time, pleasethankyouverymuch.

  4. Gosh, and it looked so nice on the internet… (Like they’re going to post the REAL pictures- I’m so dumb sometimes.)

  5. I have read complaints about the hotel.

    You (and many others) should be sure to let the upper management know.

    What a nightmare for all these people to be posting bad reviews on their blogs!

    I like DIet Coke too but Pepsi was invented in my town so I can’t say much about that.

  6. Holy crap….4 days with no Diet coke, I would be curled up in a fetal position in the corner. Diet Coke is like crack. Only legal, and slightly cheaper (I’m guessing. I have no first hand knowledge of this, I swear.) Enjoying BlogHer by living vicariously through you. Keep the stories coming.

  7. Mary kind of said my thoughts… Hyatt’s going to feel bad when they realize the wrath of a bunch of blog publishing women are writing negative review of their property. But then, maybe that will be the nudge they need to clean their place up some?

  8. Oh, yeah, and I saw the pic of you with Amahla. Amalah? I can’t spell it, but I you two. Very cool. I should have totally crashed Blogher just to see all the famous Mommybloggers.

  9. Hooooo Boy!!! Did Hyatt ever F$*k this one up!! BLOGGERS??? With no internet access, no diet coke and errant HAIRS??? I’m sorry, but if I was the manager and I saw that a pack of BLOGGERS were coming to my hotel, I would make damn sure shit was CLEAN with internet access. Because you know this is going around the internet now, for sure!

  10. Hi! Sent here by Amalah’s Mom’s Daily Dose.

    Hyatt sure made a mistake sending out all these bloggers into the world with memories of bad mattresses, bad plumbing, and questionable hair specimens.

  11. It’s not the Hyatt’s fault, it’s San Jose’s. Seriously, that city sucks the quality out of everything it touches.

  12. I was so disappointed when I got to a hotel and found it only had a shower! Since until very recently, I had no tub at home, I had been so excited about the possibility. I can’t even imagine trying to shower with a slippery baby. That’d be crazy.

  13. Oh dude, I wish you would have told me about your room, I totally would have switched with you – I had a bathtub and my bed was so totally comfortable!

    And about the soda – gah!!!! It was (disgusting Comtrex) water or sprite for those of us that didn’t drink caffeine. And it was full-calorie sprite! WTF!? Is this a women’s conference?

  14. Yeah, my room was equally funky (although the bathroom was decent, except for the freakishly low shower nozzle). I don’t usually drink soda (unless you count Red Bull), but I would definitely have preferred a Coke on the day I broke down and drank a Pepsi because I couldn’t track down anything else to drink.

  15. It was a Motel 6 disguised as a Hyatt. That’s why they had all of those creepy statues. You know, to throw us off of the stains and smell. Make us think that we were somewhere classssy.

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