Spring Break anyone?

Well. I don’t know how I did it, but I splattered several ounces of diet coke all down the front of my white shirt. Humph. Of course, I have learned the magic power of baby wipes, so I immediately grabbed some to remove the incriminating stains that make indicate I’m incapable of performing my job, or of functioning as a grown-up. Something about soda stains all down someone shirts seems to give off the “incompetent” vibe.

Of course now I give off the “Wet T-shirt” vibe as I’ve drenched my shirt in baby wipe juice to remove the brown marks. I got kinda carried away with the wiping clean and now my entire shirt is soaked through, leaving nothing to the imagination to anyone who may glance in my direction. Lucky for me, no one ever comes to my office for anything, so I should be safe in the knowledge that my humiliation may remain a private affair. Because where coke stains my reflect “incompetence”, wet white blouse reflects “strip club” and that’s not the professional message I’m trying to send.

Not today, anyway.


10 thoughts on “Spring Break anyone?”

  1. Have you tried the Tide Pen? It changed my life. Seriously. I used to use those Shout Wipes, but they were more of a pretreater. The Tide Pen gets the stain out right away, and doesn’t leave a mark. I don’t leave the house without it!

  2. I’ve long held secret of power wipes. Just recently I told someone, and they didn’t believe me. I proved them wrong! I got wine out of a carpet with baby wipes. Beat that!

  3. I also discovered many uses for baby wipes and I havent’ had a baby in 10 years. Like someone mentioned they are great for removing stains from the carpet. I discovered this when cleaning up a coke that split in my car. I use them to clean my tile floors, stains on clothes and carpet, fingerprints on doors, kitchen and bathroom counters when I do not feel like breaking out the scrubby bubbles. I normally buy the cheapest ones that I can find. I laughed when I saw the commericals for the clorox wipes and the swiffer I was like shoot I could have made a fortune. I try to carry them with me. They are also great for cleaning your hands when you go out to eat.

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