• Politeness is a number one priority

    I’ve mentioned before that I love NikkiZ being in the toddler class now, because the kids are so fun to play with each time I go feed her. I have a soft spot in my heart reserved for the two boys in the class, one who has the name NikkiZ would have had if she had been a boy, and the other is the one who blows me kisses when I leave.

    All of the kids learn their signs and the Kiss-Blower knows them VERY well. Today, he went up to the other boy while he was eating, took a piece of peach off of his plate, and brought it to me while I was nursing NikkiZ. I told him “Thank-You” while doing the sign and then let him know that I wasn’t really hungry at that moment.

    He then proceeded to eat it himself, and go get another piece off of the boy’s plate. This time, the Kiss-Blower did the sign for “Thank-you” to the little boy as he was eating food off of his plate. It was cracking me up. Here he was, essentially taking another child’s lunch, but politely thanking him (using his signs!) after each and every bite.

    Gotta love a kid who uses his manners.