I have not been able to wear my hair down lately, as NikkiZ likes to grab a hold of it and yank it with more force than I think small infants should logically possess. Where did she get that upper-body strength? She still can’t even hold herself up on her knees and arms, yet she has the muscle to scalp me in one move. And then laugh. And let me tell you, it is impossible to yell at a giggling infant with cheeks as yummy as hers.

So, on days like today when I shower (it’s rare, I know) before work, I put my hair up wet in a clip when I go feed NikkiZ. I just got back from nursing her and went to the bathroom to let down my hair. I popped the clip out and did the shake-the-hair-out move to try to loosen up the girls. You know the one – flip my hair over my head several times to erase the hair-clip footprint. Somehow? As I did this? I knocked the clip in the toilet. (Hell, it’s a small bathroom, its a good thing I didnt know my head ON the toilet).

First? I am the only girl in the office, so that is kinda like my own personal bathroom. Second? It had been flushed moments before, so there was no pee in the potty. Third? It’s just a plastic clip – not a cloth scrunchy or anything. So – what should I do? It is drying off on a paper towel right now. Should I put it back in my hair later and risk possible contamination of my hair with bodily waste? (Although it would be MY waste and I’m a sweet girl who only poops flowery rainbow poops.) Or should I leave it out and risk having my scalp removed by NikkiZ when I go feed her next?

Sidenote: I would like to go on record to say that now that I’m thinking about it? I have dropped a lot of shit (no pun intended – ha!) in the toilet lately. Pens, keys, toothbrushes (I threw that away, don’t worry), and the other day I dropped my calendar that had been in my pocket in the toilet. What is up with that? I’m a damn klutz. That’s what’s up with that.


15 thoughts on “WWZD”

  1. On my wedding day, at the reception, I was in the ladies room with one of my bridesmaids and I was going on about something (most likely someone!). Well I tend to use dramatic hand gestures with arms flailing and PLOP my bracelet flew off my arm and landed right in the toilet. Neither of us had tinkled yet, so I thought nothing of reaching it to get it. How dainty of me, a vision in white, with my arm in a toilet. Ha!

  2. I say wash it off and put it back in your hair. I don’t think there really is a “3 second rule” for toilets, just like food that fell on the ground, but since you have rainbow poops, all should be well… :)

  3. I would totally wash it and wear it. Ye gads what’s the worst that can happen. My cat drinks from the toilet all the time though she has a cutey cat bowl all of her own and she hasn’t kealed over yet.

  4. I’m guessing your dogs drink out of the toilet, and you let them lick you, right? So a hair clip that is washed should be just fine. ;-)

  5. It’s not lipstick its just going in your hair. Wash it with soap or a clorox wip toss some hand sanitizer on it if you have it and put it back in your hair!

  6. I dropped my MP3 player in the toilet at the gym. I nearly died as I stood there stunned….watching it fall in slow motion into the toilet and decend to the bottom of the white porcelain. Without even thinking I plunged my hand in (I hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet, although I honestly don’t know if that would’ve even made a difference) and pulled it out….all the while saying ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’. I dried it off, turned it on, and it still worked!!! To this day, that MP3 player has been beaten, abused, and suffered the consequences of my stupidity, and that thing just keeps on going. Amazing little piece of technology!

  7. Oh man…my boyfriend gave me a ring a couple of years ago that he used to wear, but it’s too big for me, even when I wear it on my thumb. And I dropped it in the toilet. And there was pee in the toilet. And I fished it out with a coathanger and washed it and never told him about it.

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