• Big pimpin’


    Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A nursing necklace! Leah sent it to me to help with my problem I’ve been having with NikkiZ getting distracted while she nurses. This necklace gives her something to play with while she nurses so that it encourages her to stay focused on the nursing and the necklace because they all pull her attention in the same direction. She really likes it and so do I.

    If you want one too? You should email Leah at whatnotandwhimsyATgmailDOTcom (you know the deal, replace the “at” and the “dot” with the actual symbols, this is to keep some bot from browsing this page and grabbing her email) and she’ll sell you one too! It really is a neat thing and I’m very grateful she sent it to me. It’s made of incredibly strong and waterproof cord while it also has a release clasp in case of emergency, like, getting it stuck in gears when I’m working with heavy machinery. Better safe than sorry.

    It’s awesome and I love it. Thanks, Leah.