We’re grown-ups

Right now – MrZ is alone at NIkkiZ’s 4 month check-up. Well, he’s got her with him (I hope), but I’m not there with him. After he missed her last two check-ups, and then admitted he skipped them because he can’t handle her getting shots, I did what any 2-yr-old would do and pitched a temper tantrum whining, “It’s not FAIR! You have to do it next time! WAH!”

This morning he asked me to send him an email with everything he needed to ask or tell our Pediatrian. I immediately told him if I emailed it to him it defeated the purpose of him doing this by himself. “You should just write it down as I tell you right now.” And he did what any 2-yr-old would do and pitched a tantrum whining, “Its not FAIR! I don’t like to write! You do it!”

We’re SO mature.

He ended up getting a notecard and and a pen (pen? what’s that?) and wrote down things like “Poops once a day,” “What solids should we give her and when,” and “Doesn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time – FIX HER.” I’m hoping all goes well and that he won’t refuse to ever do this again. I’m really trying to let him help more, since I’m losing my mind doing everything myself. But at the same time? It’s very hard for me to trust him to do it the RIGHT WAY. This is a learning experience for us both. MrZ is learning to do some things by himself while I’m learning to quit being a controlling bitch. It’s a win/win situation.

But also?

Neener! Neener! Neener! I totally got HIM to take her to get shots and I don’t have to! Woo Hoo! Sucks to be him!


9 thoughts on “We’re grown-ups”

  1. When I was a little kid I used to crawl under tables and pull the sheets off the beds to “hide” from the nureses giving me my shots. They somehow always found me. Strangest thing. ;) hehe. I’m much more mature now though. If I have to get a shot now I just pass out cold. Nurses LOVE me!

  2. You’re good! I have four and never got dad to take them to well checks! All he’s done is the occasional emergency room run if I’m not around.

    Those aren’t much fun either!

  3. I can relate to this post 100%. My daughter is getting her 2 mth shots today and I’ve been dreading it since Saturday. My husband will go with me but I’ll be the one holding her while they do it not because he won’t but more because I want her held and soothed my way. Talk about a control freak! I was just commenting to my mom yesterday how I really need to let him do more to give me a break because I do everything for her, but that will mean allowing him to do it his way. The battles us Mom’s deal with!

  4. I was there for ALL my daughters shots (even some mom wasn’t there for).

    But NOW, I have exacted my revenge, by making HER be the one to take her to the dentist.

  5. Lordy…I remember the agony of my son’s two month shots. Those were the WORST and they got little but progressively easier after that. But the first one? I had to leave the room. Seriously.

    Good luck, MrZoot!

  6. Our daughter is going in on Monday for her 4 month shots (about 2 weeks late). I’m dreading it. And my husband is going with me. Because he can help hold her down for the shots without crying and kicking the doctor in the shins for hurting my little baby. I’m also taking the day off because last time she was miserable all day.

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