Please, save me. I can’t stop thinking/talking/writing about the damn movie already.

I read Dooce’s new comment policy this morning and when I read the last line, I convinced myself that LilZ has somehow contacted her and convinced her to join his efforts to drive me batshit using songs from High School Musical as a primary attack. I told myself that he read yesterday’s entry and thought he would be funny and torture me more by finding ways to subtly hide lyrics from the soundtrack in anything and everything I might read today. It’s so bad that when I read that last line of her new policy, I even clapped at the appropriate time (after the word “together”, in case you were wondering) and have been singing the song in my head ever since.

It’s officially out of control. Maybe I can get a doctor’s note that forces LilZ to stop mentioning it ever again? Do you think? Maybe they’ll name the disease after me.

Zootalitus: noun A mental condition whereby the afflicted erupts into spontaneous re-enactments of songs and/or dances from movies and/or songs their children have overplayed.


10 thoughts on “Please, save me. I can’t stop thinking/talking/writing about the damn movie already.”

  1. Zoot,

    I have tried to watch this movie, but everytime it’s on it conflicts with something I have in my TiVo lineup. Should I consider this a blessing? From what you have said I should be incredibly greatful, but then again, I get to listen to Kim Possible songs ad nauseum; a change would be nice. Maybe this is why I’m such a crazed mommy, the Disney Channel!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. OMG!

    My 7 year old LOVES IT!

    They are showing it tonight at 8pm!

    Hey it is a lot better than some of the junk they could be watching.

    Everytime that video comes on Disney all the girls stop and watch and sing along.


  3. Ok, I think I’m going to have to watch this movie so that I can fully understand your pain (and LilZ’s enchantment with it)! Besides, I need something new to replace the Einstein baby gym tunes that are currently stuck in my head!

    I see you got a Bumbo seat for NikkiZ. I’m thinking about getting one for Alex–does she like it?

  4. It’s times like this that I’m happy I DON’T have children. That musical thing sounds evil.

    Never seen Veronica Mars. What station does it come on? When?

    Okay, comparatively my site looks like crud… HELP!!!!

  5. I didn’t have as much a problem with their “baby” shots…although usually my husband would hold them for those and then hand them to me immediately to nurse, which calmed them instantly. But when they’re older…. yuck. They aren’t as easy to calm down.

  6. I’ve never seen this movie, or even heard about it.

    But dude, did you see the number of comments Dooce had when she opened her website up for comments? That is insane!!!

  7. So maybe now would not be the right time to mention that the DVD will apparently be out May 23. Or that it will include dance lessons. And videos for “We’re All in This Together” and “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

    I actually haven’t seen it yet, but boy have I heard about it! The songs are even on the Billboard chart. The cast has already signed to do the sequel which should come out in 2008. So unless LilZ is burned out on it by then, you have more to look forward to! :)

  8. Awwwww man, what a story! You know, I absolutely refuse to fill my car up to full, because the one time I did it, the petrol overflowed. I don’t even know how that can happen.

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