Don’t you mess with my boyfriend.

MrZ survived the pediatrician trip. And that is impressive considering that he had to wait an hour and a HALF before even seeing the doctor. And considering I had just fed her before they left and she didn’t eat very well even then (she gets bored with eating when there are kids around to watch) he was dealing with a VERY hungry NikkiZ pre-shots. Hungry and irritable babies make shots ten times more fun. Guaranteed! You should try it sometime.

He evidently explained NikkiZ’s fussiness by telling the doctor, “She’s hungry.” The doctor, of course, asked where her bottle was. MrZ had to explain that NIkkiZ doesn’t/won’t take a bottle. Her doctor expressed shock and awe and simply said, “Next time? Bring a bottle.”

“I felt so bad. Like she was telling me I was a bad parent.”

It was funny. When MrZ said that? I kinda wanted to go kick the doctor’s ass for even hinting in the slightest manner that my husband was a bad father. Or, even if she wasn’t really hinting at that? I wanted to kick her ass for making him think she was saying that. I got really defensive in that moment and seriously considered storming the playground and kicking dirt on her dress for making my man doubt himself. Even for a moment.

Thats true love. Loving someone so much you’re willing to kick an older woman’s ass to defend their honor. MrZ should be proud.


8 thoughts on “Don’t you mess with my boyfriend.”

  1. Or maybe if they hadn’t made you wait 1.5 hours it wouldn’t have been a problem! That wasn’t a very considerate thing for a doctor to have said–knowing ful well some babies don’t take a bottle. For shame to have said that to MrZ–or any dad who took a baby to the doctor on his own!

  2. You go girl. ;) I’d want you in my corner any day.

    And four month old babies not wanting a bottle isn’t that unusual, I’m surprised she didn’t recognize that. :P

  3. Brave dad to do the doc thing on his own with an infant with no food! Crazy they made him wait sooooo long though. No wonder the kid was hungry!


  4. Here you are talking about kicking ass, right after I posted a reply to a reader about kicking ass to with his funky feet.

    Maybe we’re related, Zoot!

  5. I get that way all the time when I hear what goes down at my husband’s work. The company was just sold and the takeover is not bringing out the best in people (to say the least).
    How about telling the doctor that the baby would have long been back with her boob if the Dr. had moved through the day on schedule???

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