• Mr. Wizard meets Martha Stewart

    OH MY GOD. Do you see this…this…this CREATURE? It is some concoction MrZ and LilZ whipped up tonight. MrZ was craving something sweet, so he started by mixing brown sugar, peanut butter, and maybe some chocolate chips together. As I mocked his creation from the living room, he decided to add an entire stick of butter. Several cups of sugar, flower, and eggs later, LilZ had joined in with the suggestion, “Hey! Lets add some yogurt!” and so went the strawberry/kiwi yogurt into this “dessert”. MrZ recalled that most desserts call for baking powder so he added, what he would later tell me to be, “several tablespoons” which is probably why this thing go so DAMN HUGE. I think they added several more ingredients before deciding it needed to be cooked at 400 degrees for long enough to fill up the house with smoke and VOILA.

    MrZ said it tasted like glue. But they both had a blast making it, so that’s all that matters, right?


    Hold me. I’m scared of it.