• The one where I pitch a hissyfit.

    There is some stuff I have to do at work that needs to be done last year, it is so urgent. This means I went to nurse NikkiZ for the last time and instead of going home with her, like I usually do, I had to take her to MrZ’s office so he could take her home. This makes me very angry and jealous and makes me want to yell “It’s not fair!” and stomp up and down while yanking at my pigtails.

    I’m not wearing pigtails.

    I like my job, it’s fun. And I get to see NikkiZ every few hours to feed her. But working after hours? While my family eats dinner without me? Makes me a little sad. And possibly bitter. And I might feel a little big guilty. And jealous.

    In other words? I’m an all around fun person to be with at this very moment. Good thing I’m the only one left at the office so I can stew in my own bitchy mood and not have to worry about it infecting anyone else.