He’s still really a 9 year old at heart.

Santa is coming tonight! Santa is coming tonight!

(at least to our house, he is.)

Today is Christmas Eve – Zootstyle. This means I have a SHITLOAD of stuff to accomplish. I have to get the last bit of ingredients for Christmas dinner, I have to wrap ninety million gifts, and most importantly? I have to CLEAN THIS DAMN HOUSE.


MrZ is taking off work tomorrow so that LilZ can wake us up bright and early to open presents. On the REAL Christmas day, MrZ and I woke up first and he had to be the one who woke up his younger brother and sister. He woke his brother up by rubbing baby wipes in his face (his first question, “Those haven’t been used, have they?”), and he woke his sister up by sticking his fingers in her ears.

THAT’s what big brothers are for.


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