Why couldn’t she just have gotten his pretty eyes?

MrZ cut his first tooth when he was three months old. We are now beginning to suspect NikkiZ will take after her father. She has been drooling nonstop the last few weeks as well as chewing on anything you put in her mouth.

(yes…that includes my boobs)

We took her to the doctor yesterday and even though she said “they usually don’t start teething until four months” she also said “WOW! She’s actually CHEWING on this tongue depressor.” So, we’re on the lookout for protrusions from her gums and we’re keeping chewable items within reach because she has started chewing on things with such force that she actually makes us WINCE. This makes our fingers no longer options of things-to-cram-in-her-mouth-while-she’s-screaming.

But it sure does make for funny photos.


8 thoughts on “Why couldn’t she just have gotten his pretty eyes?”

  1. I feel your boobies pain! My daughter got teeth at 4 months, and when she nursed, it was like being sucked by razor blades! I still have the SCARS! (I know…. TMI)

  2. My boobs are being gnawed on a regular basis, too. The problem is, my kids tend to teeth for MONTHS before anything actually pops through. Both my older boys didn’t get their first tooth until they were 13 months, but teethed from 4 months on.
    Liam is most likely following in their footsteps.

  3. All kids teeth at different times you can’t go by what books say. Alot like potty training lol you just have to wait and see what happens

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