I told you, she’ll chew on ANYTHING.

SEE? She has resorted to chewing on her own hands. No – she is not looking for a thumb to suck. Trust me, I would LOVE to see that (MrZ is cringing as he reads this mumbling, “do NOT let her be a thumb-sucker, do NOT let her be a thumb-sucker…”) but really what she is doing is chewing on her own hands. Moments before I took this picture she actually was trying to stick her entire hand in her mouth to chew on.

And yes, she is also falling OUT of her seat. And instead of fixing her? I spent ten minutes taking her picture watching her slide further and further out. I’m a good mom.

Oh, and on an unrelated note? This outfit is compliments of amalah who chose it because it has this on the back and she has heard me bitch one too many times about how there is no way in hell I’m going to let my daughter wear pants with writing on the ass. And that’s what friends do, buy your children things you would never buy them.


6 thoughts on “I told you, she’ll chew on ANYTHING.”

  1. haha
    She is labeled just in case anyone doesn’t know she is a baby!

    You should all get pants like that



    She is precious.

    (I do not want more kids, I do not want more kids, I do not want more kids)

  2. She is just the c utest thing! I’m finding that alot of stuff has printing on the bum and I personally dont like it. I swore my oldest woudl never wear something with writing on the bum yet it seems her closet is full of it..

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