• Merry Christmas!



    Santa came last night (giggle) and we are all enjoying our post present buzz. LilZ went on his scavenger hunt (orchestrated by MrZ who leaves the BEST clues) and found a North Face backpack at the end. He also got a digital camera (for his 5th grade trip in the spring) and Family Guy seasons 1 and 2. He also got a bunch of clothes and school supplies and Fantastic Four toys. Sant a was VERY good to him.

    What did Santa bring ME you may ask? A cold. I feel like ass. Like donkey ass. Like COLD donkey ass that is SNOTTY and CONGESTED and that has a HEADACHE.

    My metaphor got lost somewhere in there, didn’t it?

    Well. Now it’s time to prepare Christmas dinner. The tables are set and the turkey is thawed. I got the casserole and stuffing ready last night so today should be pretty easy. And I’m keeping Purel on hand so I can try to avoid getting my entire family sick.

    Now…off to Target to buy a pie to replace the baking disaster from last night.