Bah humbug.

Ew. It’s Monday. And ew. LilZ has to go back to school and MrZ has to go back to work. And ew. It’s raining and cold. This day is going to feel like the quintessential Monday.

(I am betting I didn’t use that word right. But you know what? I kinda don’t care. It’s a Q-word and how often can you use those?)

The last five days were GREAT. I loved having my family in town. I loved finally getting to meet my brother’s girlfriend. I loved cooking for my family and I loved having MrZ and LilZ around more than usual. Because of all of this? I woke up VERY irritated this morning. Why, exactly, can’t EVERY day be a holiday?

Because we’d all be broke and living on the streets, I’m guessing.

I am very proud to say that I did absolutely ZERO Christmas shopping this weekend. Some financial advisor on CNN told me that the BEST sales this season would actually be the week BEFORE Christmas. So, unless I was afraid something would sell out, I should wait to do my shopping. And I believed her! She sounded like she knew what she was talking about! And also? I hate Christmas shopping Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ll take ANY excuse I can possibly find to avoid it. People who stand at the door waiting for a store to open at 5am? Scare me.

So, I’m a tad bit on the grumpy side since today is just all around SUCKY. But, I’m going to try to make the best of it by getting our Christmas decorations out and starting to get in the Holiday spirit. I also may get drunk. We’ll see.



Who’s on your shit list?

There is some kid who has been riding up and down our street on some moped type vehicle. I guess technically? It’s a very SMALL motorcycle. But it sounds about as macho as a moped. It’s annoying the crap out of me and even though the kid riding it looks about 12, I’m still thinking about beating him up. Especially since it makes the dogs bark. I’ll beat up anyone getting my dogs riled up.

Nikki is here with the hiccups and they annoy her as much as moped-boy annoys me. She’s thinking about beating her diaphragm up.

LilZ is irritated because one of the books he checked out at the library is missing 8 pages. And it’s a mystery book, so that makes it ten times as annoying. You can skip 8 pages in some books and not miss much, but a mystery? Not so much. He’s going to beat up the librarian.

Of course, it’s easy to forget what’s pissing you off when you see this:

“I just pooped.” – NikkiZ

Breast Pads? Or Socks? You decided.

Several things have made me laugh the last few days. The first of which? Seeing NikkiZ’s face turn BRIGHT red as she grunts and grimaces and pushes and scowls to make the smallest poop ever seen. I wonder if she’s disappointed at all? Like “Man. I really worked HARD on that one and that is ALL there was? If I’m going to work that hard mom should use at least FIVE wipes.”

Also? Seeing MrZ walk out of the bedroom the other day with one of my nursing pads on the bottom of his foot. He realized it pretty soon, but could you imagine if he hadn’t? How hilarious would that be. “Um…excuse me Sir. It seems you have a nursing pad stuck to your shoe.” I mean, toilet paper is ONE thing because everyone understands how that can happen. But a nursing pad? Was he walking on my boob? Did he mistake a bra for a sock? How EXACTLY does that happen, one would wonder.

And finally? Me. Spilling EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE. I swear. The last few days I have made more accidental messes than I have in the last year. I’m starting to feel like I’m drunk all the time and just don’t realize it. Is that possible? I’ve simply stopped mopping my floor between spills because I will just spill something again within the hour and it’s just not worth the effort. It’s quite comical in a cheesy sitcom kinda way.

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

This may have been my best Thanksgiving EVER in the history of my life. I only have a few pictures to show because I don’t like putting pictures on the internet of family who haven’t specifically said they don’t mind their faces on the web. But – these pictures are enough, I believe.

MrZ and LilZ decided to run the 5K turkey trot Thanksgiving morning. LilZ was going to run the tiny tot trail, but found out it was a wussy run for kids 5 and under so he actually ran the 5K! Can you believe it? He ran the first mile non-stop and then ran off and on the rest of the race. I was VERY proud of him. I was also very proud of MrZ who doesn’t do a whole lot of cardio training, but survived the 5k no problem.

This is LilZ at the end of the 5K he ran. When he saw the picture he said, “Yeah. I was EXHAUSTED there.”

This picture is from after the race too. Don’t my boys look so fit and cute and aren’t I the luckiest woman in the WORLD?

My BroZ and his girlfriend gave NikkiZ some sweet gifts. Among them? These adorable little butterfly house slippers that I love with all of my heart and don’t want to ever take them off of her. How cute! EEK. Of course, only minutes later she pooped all over the onesie in this picture. She gets that from her Dad.

This is what I like to call my “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Dining Table Set Up.” It is kind of pitiful with unmatching china and tables of different heights, but I think it’s pretty great. I was very proud. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, but you all will have to just trust me that it was YUMMY looking. I had 12 people (not counting NikkiZ) and I cooked 2 turkeys (long story), 1 SMALL ham, 4 casseroles (Green Bean, Broccoli/Rice/Cheese, Veggie, Sweet Potatoes), 2 dressings (One with black olives and one without) and 1 frozen pie. And the most difficult item to cook? The frozen pie because I am evidently an idiot who can’t read instructions.

There are TWO things going on in this picture.

(1) NikkiZ passed out from a Tryptophan Drunken Stupor on my mom’s legs.
(2) Maxi (mom’s dog) concerned at the hairless dog taking his usual lap space.

It was a great time. I had half a glass of wine, which was the first alcohol I’ve had since February. It was SO yummy. The food was great, family was great, and the poopy diapers were even great.

(Okay, maybe not, but you get my point.)

Today? Is recovery. I’m back in my jammies after getting dressed to say goodbye to my family. MrZ’s brother is coming over to eat leftovers and I MIGHT put real clothes on before he gets here, but I doubt it.

So much thanks, so little time.

MrZ, LilZ, my Dad, my Bro, and my Bro’s girlfriend are all at the Turkey Trot race this morning and NikkiZ and I are getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. It’s very quiet around here, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. I just wanted to pop in between chores and give Thanks to YOU.

I have a billion things in my life I’m thankful for, and I make sure to live my life like I know that every day. I know I’m blessed and I thank the powers that be every morning and every night for the gifts I’ve been given. But – I haven’t thanked YOU lately.

This blog, and you, my blog-friends, have been my saving grace the last 2 years. I have met so many wonderful people and have heard so many encouraging stories. I look forward to your entries on your blogs to lighten my day, as well as your comments about mine. We have a brilliant little community here on the internet and you all mean the world to me. You have listened to me when I needed to talk and laughed at me when I needed to be grounded. You’ve held my hand through a lot of my fertility struggles and you’ve cried with me as NikkiZ came into the world. Your presence here, in cyberspace, brings me comfort. Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for all of the amazing friendships. Thank you for the laughs. And thank you for your stories.

Now – enough with the sappy stuff. My cats walking across the dishes I’m going to serve dinner on. They need to be beaten.