Why my beer money is on a higher priority list than the utility money

MrZ called me this afternoon to let me know that the results of the 5K this weekend are posted online. He was not as pleased with his results as he should have been considering he hadn’t done any cardio in MONTHS. He innocently said, “I think I may start running in the mornings before work.”

And what did I say? “WEEELLLL. Just what you need. ANOTHER thing to keep you away from us.”

(snotty tone implied.)

I was simply taking my Stay At Home Mom frustrations out on him and decided to call him back to apologize. Of course, my apology went something like this:

“Hey, listen. I am sorry I was so snotty earlier…(it’s okay so far) …But I’ve just had a really long day… (here is where it gets bad) …and it’s just that you ALREADY have the gym that you go to a few times a week and once in awhile maybe I’d like to do something out of the house!”

(snotty tone implied.)

And to make matters worse? We’re celebrating his birthday tonight (two days early). And what did I do? Apologize by going ON and ON and ON about ALL THE THINGS I have done today and how TIRED I am and how BUSY I am and how I’ve been working on HIS birthday dinner and HIS birthday cake and bitch…whine…moan.

I’m so mature.

And SO good at birthdays.

And apologies.