Ice, ice, baby.

There’s ICE on my car! Where in the hell did that come from? EEK. Is it WINTER? Shit. I really hate winter. Have I mentioned that before? I do. All you crackheads living somewhere north and cold like Canada, or Boston, or TENNESSEE can keep your cold winters. BAH. I. HATE. BEING. COLD. And ice makes me cold, dammit.

(Yes. I know there is, like 20 feet of snow where you are. That’s why you are INSANE.)

Did you watch House last night? What do you think of the Foreman is now House’s boss twist? Is it a GOOD twist? MrZ HATES it. I think it could be interesting, or it could be really really really bad. I’m not sure yet. And MrZ and I think the Bones episode sure did pick a convoluted story line with many holes and poor logic to get this point across: Bones parents disappeared when she was 15, never to be found.

Couldn’t they have just SAID that? Instead of doing some weird, legally fallible trial pitting her against another anthropologist? Bah. TV sucks.

I’m JUST KIDDING. Don’t hate me, TV, you don’t suck! I love you!


19 thoughts on “Ice, ice, baby.”

  1. It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there who watch more tv than I do… but I come in a close second to you. I always get sad when one of my reality shows ends for the season… BYE BYE BIGGEST LOSER!

  2. I thought Foreman as House’s boss was a little contrived, but with the previews for next week’s episode where Cutty says to Foreman, “Do you want the pretend job to become permanent?” or something like that makes it worthwhile.

  3. It’s actually been fairly warm in Boston this week, in the 50’s-60’s. I’m enjoying every second of it because I’m sure in a few weeks it’ll be in like the 20’s with 14 feet of snow on the ground, which does not make walking fun.

  4. I thought they had already explained her parents disappearance several episodes ago? Or I’m confused/psychic?

    The House thing could go either way, but they haven’t done me wrong yet, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. :)

  5. I really think they should have taken the opportunity to bring some new blood into House, if only for a little while, spiced things up a bit. Mainly because Foreman drives me up the wall, he is just annoying, and I don’t really see where they could run with this long term.

    As for Bones they had mentioned in the first show that her parents dissappeared when she was young. I think this was more of a convoluted plot to show us that she really has a softer caring side, and that she can have her heart handed to her on a sliver platter by some ex-lover. Perhaps they were gettting comments that she was too cold.

    btw- thanks for always making me feel like I don’t watch too much TV. I do, but it is nice to know I am not the only one. :)

  6. um. as far as about a stationary bike..cuz you can watch your kid, and tivo at the same time! I want one!

    And the ice…yeah its cold now.

  7. Bones is stupid but Boreanaz is so cute I just can’t help watching anyway. Except I keep expecting him to break out in vamp face. Heh.

  8. I KNOW! My hubby and I were discussing this last night… I figured if anyone would make an interesting boss for House, it would be Dr. Cam… touchy-feely wannabe meth whore and all. Just think of the episodes you could milk out of alllll the tension! But then, Foreman would just be the odd man out. He’s never really had a storyline of his own (other than that pathetic attempt in the LL Cool J episode), he’s always been Dr. Straight-Talkin’-Condescending-Fishhook-Eyebrow Guy. I’m totally interested to see how Omar Epps takes this and runs with it.

  9. We got a flat-screen 50 inch LCD tv with High Definition. (Hubby always promised new furniture with a new house so we went crazy and decided TV falls under that category.) I’m not a big tv fan but holy shit! That’s one awesome TV.

    Since you love Tv so much, I am writing a letter to Santa to tell him that YOU need one! I hope he comes through for you. I hate cold weather too. And the only reason I live in the midwest is because my parents and in-laws are there. I need all of the free babysitting I can get! :-)

  10. Now how did you know I was a crackhead? Is my dealer talking again? Yes it has been rather warm here is Boston this week but that is sure to change. I am so not looking forward to the snow and cold. IU would move but the DH refuses. Now he is a crackhead! ;)

  11. I. KNOW. And am bitter. Wasn’t it like 65 Saturday? I hope you all are keeping my baby warm with sweet love. I need sweet baby love!! Soon.

    The countdown has begun, which explains why I will be living in the “castle” for the next 2 weeks. Where did you put the crack?

  12. The rain has melted all our snow here in Quebec, but I’m not celebrating. I know there’s much more to come!
    Ok I have to totally agree about Bones. I just thought it was a really odd show. Is it just me, or is it hard to know how to take her? I mean, the whol after-sex scene seemed so…forced…to me!
    As always, I loved House, and I’m excited about the twist. That show was a little odd to me too, though. Ack maybe it’s because I’m sick…the flu is addling my brains.

  13. I’ve never seen Bones, but I’m very nearly finished the latest book by the author who inspired/wrote/? the series. It’s pretty neat. I’ve really enjoyed the books all along.

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