A little behind on my TV commentary.

We just watched last week’s Amazing Race last night. And you know what I REALLY want? I want ALL of the footage from this season. Don’t you feel like we’re missing something in the whole “Weaver family v/s the WORLD” issue? I see how annoying they are, don’t get me wrong. But – everyone really HATES them. But weirdly, they don’t understand why. They throw trash at people’s cars and act incredibly superior yet they have NO idea why people don’t like them. Isn’t there a point you reach where you say to yourself “Hmm…no one likes me, maybe it’s ME.”

And weirdly? They have unstable outlooks on the world. They look at areas with no people as “Places God didn’t take his time on.” WTF? Don’t most Christians recognize natural wonders as miracles of God? And they keep talking about how “The World” is such a bad place that it makes people “Like Them” outcasts. It’s all very weird and I really feel like we’re missing key incidents. Over night the other teams started hating the Weavers and it’s not faded since. I want to see when that happened. Or was it just gradual annoyance.

And the Sisters? They fight SO MUCH. And they are SO MEAN to each other. I get that younger kids are like that, but they are all adults. I don’t have sisters so I don’t know the dynamic, but do adult sisters really continue to fight like that?

At this point? I just want this season over so we can start with a regular season. It’s not been bad, I’m just sick of it and don’t really have anyone I’m in love with.


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  1. Well said, and I agree with everything! I’ll be glad when it is just couple’s fighting like normal. Though I do like the Linz family. Go Ohio!

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter. But. Hello. You talked about Amazing Race and no one else I know is watching this season so I had to join in. I’m a Linz family fan too. But, is anyone else annoyed with the fact that they are still in the U.S. or at least the same continent?? What happened to travelling around the world? I think that’s what adding to the boring factor this season. Part of the fun of the show is seeing them deal with completely different cultures and languages, not visit the science museum I went to on a 7th grade field trip! Ok. Enough of my rant, just had to add my 2 cents!

  3. I agree! What the hell happened there? And can those people really be that self absorbed that they notice that NO ONE is being horrible to them but they are infact being horrible to everyone?
    ps I heart Phil

  4. AMEN (couldn’t resist – sorry). Yep, I am half-heartedly watching this season, too. I like the sister/3 brothers combo, but otherwise the season has left me lukewarm.

    They NEED to do an All-Stars now, to make up for this hideous season.

  5. On the sisters thing – my husband’s mother has 3 sisters – that’s 4 women in their fifties, that when in the same room their father refers to them as “a pack of vipers”. I’ll leave it at that.

    And the Weavers are clueless. I’m not sure how anyone can consistently criticize other people behind their back and yet not understand why they are so disliked. I was disappointed they didn’t get eliminated this last time – I expect they are going to win. Just because how much would that suck?

  6. I also think the Weavers are a little out there. I am a Christian, and think that their comments seem a little off. Being a Christian doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. I don’t get where they are coming from. I like the team with Wally and his daughters. They just seem like they are having fun.

  7. Yeah, I’m really tired of this season and want my Race back. And I was actually a wee bit annoyed at Phil for encouraging the Weavers on the mat. I wanted him to be all “oh, you aren’t happy this is a non-elimination? Very well, I’ve changed my mind. Off you go.” Seriously, my jaw just drops open when they talk about how their belief system doesn’t allow *them* to be treated badly and how they are the only nice people left.

    They are horrible people, and seem to think that they are entitled because they are Christians (or claim to be, anyway; they don’t seem to have a really good grasp of the whole “do unto others” bit) and because the dad died. Yeah well. Too bad. The world still doesn’t owe you anything, especially if you aren’t nice to it. I defintely think we have missed some big blow-outs during the eat-sleep-mingling, which they haven’t shown *any* of this season. If the Weavers behave all the time like they do in the parts they do show, I can certainly understand the hate.

    Who would have thought they would actually be able to ever cast anyone worse than Jonathan & Victoria? At least they wanted to BE on the Race.

  8. The Weavers are just horrible, yah? I agree with the comments above. I hate “Christians” who flaunt their beliefs and then do stupid things and give other Christians a bad name. Something is just not right in their heads.

    I still think that Kaysar and Janelle should be on Amazing Race. I’d so watch and root for them.

    GO LINZ! They’re funny and a couple of the guys are hot. :) :) :)

  9. Amen, sister. I thought what Miss Ali said over at TWOP about the whole thing was pretty true too. I haven’t liked these people since probably the first episode, but I don’t think it was any one thing that really annoyed me, you know? Yeah, I can’t wait for it to just be OVER. This season has sorta bit the big one.

  10. I love how the Weaver girls talk about what good Christians they are and the whole time their butts are hanging out of their microscopic shorts (which they should not be wearing with that body type).

    And I think that the three sisters really spend a lot of time degrading and talking down to that one sister in particular.

  11. I was wondering about the Weavers last night. Maybe the production staff is asking them to do certain things so that there’s some drama in the “driving-to” places? Since they’re in the U.S., there’s not so much of the “we don’t speak the language” drama or the “man our rickshaw is slow” drama. That’s the only way that I can explain how they could throw trash at another car etc and not understand why people don’t like them.

    As far as the sisters – having a sister myself, I think that’s just part of having to be in close contact with your siblings while sleep deprived. In this week’s episode, the Lintz sister was even complaining about having to be with her brothers 24/7. The thing with the Lintzes is that they can take the girl out of the challenge, so she doesn’t have to cause as much “you’re losing this for us” friction. The Godlewskis can’t take anyone out and they don’t do particularly well at the physical challenges (like the Branson? girls).

  12. The Weavers. Man. I want to like them, I really, really do. After all, they lost ther daddy in a horrible accident, and they’re supposedly good Christian people. But, man. I am fast losing respect for them.

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