Ice, ice, baby.

There’s ICE on my car! Where in the hell did that come from? EEK. Is it WINTER? Shit. I really hate winter. Have I mentioned that before? I do. All you crackheads living somewhere north and cold like Canada, or Boston, or TENNESSEE can keep your cold winters. BAH. I. HATE. BEING. COLD. And ice makes me cold, dammit.

(Yes. I know there is, like 20 feet of snow where you are. That’s why you are INSANE.)

Did you watch House last night? What do you think of the Foreman is now House’s boss twist? Is it a GOOD twist? MrZ HATES it. I think it could be interesting, or it could be really really really bad. I’m not sure yet. And MrZ and I think the Bones episode sure did pick a convoluted story line with many holes and poor logic to get this point across: Bones parents disappeared when she was 15, never to be found.

Couldn’t they have just SAID that? Instead of doing some weird, legally fallible trial pitting her against another anthropologist? Bah. TV sucks.

I’m JUST KIDDING. Don’t hate me, TV, you don’t suck! I love you!

Why my beer money is on a higher priority list than the utility money

MrZ called me this afternoon to let me know that the results of the 5K this weekend are posted online. He was not as pleased with his results as he should have been considering he hadn’t done any cardio in MONTHS. He innocently said, “I think I may start running in the mornings before work.”

And what did I say? “WEEELLLL. Just what you need. ANOTHER thing to keep you away from us.”

(snotty tone implied.)

I was simply taking my Stay At Home Mom frustrations out on him and decided to call him back to apologize. Of course, my apology went something like this:

“Hey, listen. I am sorry I was so snotty earlier…(it’s okay so far) …But I’ve just had a really long day… (here is where it gets bad) …and it’s just that you ALREADY have the gym that you go to a few times a week and once in awhile maybe I’d like to do something out of the house!”

(snotty tone implied.)

And to make matters worse? We’re celebrating his birthday tonight (two days early). And what did I do? Apologize by going ON and ON and ON about ALL THE THINGS I have done today and how TIRED I am and how BUSY I am and how I’ve been working on HIS birthday dinner and HIS birthday cake and bitch…whine…moan.

I’m so mature.

And SO good at birthdays.

And apologies.

A little behind on my TV commentary.

We just watched last week’s Amazing Race last night. And you know what I REALLY want? I want ALL of the footage from this season. Don’t you feel like we’re missing something in the whole “Weaver family v/s the WORLD” issue? I see how annoying they are, don’t get me wrong. But – everyone really HATES them. But weirdly, they don’t understand why. They throw trash at people’s cars and act incredibly superior yet they have NO idea why people don’t like them. Isn’t there a point you reach where you say to yourself “Hmm…no one likes me, maybe it’s ME.”

And weirdly? They have unstable outlooks on the world. They look at areas with no people as “Places God didn’t take his time on.” WTF? Don’t most Christians recognize natural wonders as miracles of God? And they keep talking about how “The World” is such a bad place that it makes people “Like Them” outcasts. It’s all very weird and I really feel like we’re missing key incidents. Over night the other teams started hating the Weavers and it’s not faded since. I want to see when that happened. Or was it just gradual annoyance.

And the Sisters? They fight SO MUCH. And they are SO MEAN to each other. I get that younger kids are like that, but they are all adults. I don’t have sisters so I don’t know the dynamic, but do adult sisters really continue to fight like that?

At this point? I just want this season over so we can start with a regular season. It’s not been bad, I’m just sick of it and don’t really have anyone I’m in love with.

Lazy in the kitchen

Um. I’m kinda making up food as I go tonight for dinner. And I’m thinking it may not work out so well. I started out thinking: Red beans and rice. And since I’m a Canopener Cook, I just opened two cans of kidney beans (they’re red!) and figured I’d make some white rice, and, Voila! Red beans and rice. Right?

Well, I also had some italian sausage I didnt use this weekend so I thought I’d slice it up. Why? Because I know I’ve seen dishes that have red beans and rice and italian sausage in them. But, what type of seasoning should I use? And how should I cook it?

Long story short? I cut up the italian sausage and added it to the pot with the two cans of Kidney Beans. Then, for seasoning? I added some diced tomatoes with jalepenos. I’m also cooking the white rice. So, you tell me. What are we eating for dinner? Is there any dish similar enough to my concoction that I can tell MrZ that is what I was cooking? Or, is this going to taste like shit and I’m not going to want to give it a name? Or? Am I a genius and have I just invented an easy dish that everyone will love but no one has every had before?

(Yes. I know the last one is a long shot.)

More photos, of course.

We had more than just family come in for the holidays, one of my BFFs – Junkie – came in as well. She also brought LilZ’s two best friends in the whole world. This was Junkie’s first time meeting NikkiZ and I am betting she has spent most of the day wondering why I haven’t mentioned her visit yet on my blog! (You know you’ve been cursing me, don’t deny it!) But, she took such great pictures I had to wait until I had time to format them for your viewing pleasure!

The visit was great, and as usual, I was very sad to see them go. As was LilZ who didn’t feel like he got anywhere NEAR enough time with them. Of course, if his momma wasn’t such a meany-pants she would have offered them to all spend the night. I did get a good chance to catch up with Junkie. We shared our most recent pre-teen parenting experiences and shared a good bit of gossip. But most importantly? We caught up on TV talk. Because really, when you only see a BFF a few times a year, what better things to talk about besides who they’re rooting for on Survivor?

P.S. Rafe.