• Ice, ice, baby.

    There’s ICE on my car! Where in the hell did that come from? EEK. Is it WINTER? Shit. I really hate winter. Have I mentioned that before? I do. All you crackheads living somewhere north and cold like Canada, or Boston, or TENNESSEE can keep your cold winters. BAH. I. HATE. BEING. COLD. And ice makes me cold, dammit.

    (Yes. I know there is, like 20 feet of snow where you are. That’s why you are INSANE.)

    Did you watch House last night? What do you think of the Foreman is now House’s boss twist? Is it a GOOD twist? MrZ HATES it. I think it could be interesting, or it could be really really really bad. I’m not sure yet. And MrZ and I think the Bones episode sure did pick a convoluted story line with many holes and poor logic to get this point across: Bones parents disappeared when she was 15, never to be found.

    Couldn’t they have just SAID that? Instead of doing some weird, legally fallible trial pitting her against another anthropologist? Bah. TV sucks.

    I’m JUST KIDDING. Don’t hate me, TV, you don’t suck! I love you!