My first outing was, of course, to Target

We’ve quickly made a list of things we need since we’ve been home with a new human. For example, we needed some garbage cans with lids to keep dogs from eating yummy things like diapers and burp residue! (We have a diaper genie for her bedroom). We also needed a few grocery items to make it through the week with two adults staying at home all day. And, of course, we needed more halloween candy since we have eaten all of the stuff we bought for the trick-or-treaters.

So – I decided to brave a trip to Target. I planned it so that LilZ and I would leave as soon as I fed NikkiZ so that we would have a solid two hours before I was needed again. I was moving VERY slowly so I told LilZ he had time to shop around for his stuff (he had a gift card to spend) while I got fun things like maxi pads and Advil. After about five minutes I realized I was in WAAAY over my head. We made it out of there alive with a buggy full of groceries and LilZ unloaded all of the stuff both into my trunk and into the house when we got home. I don’t know what part wore me out first, pushing the buggy, walking, thinking, bending for items on bottom shelves, or just dealing with people who DIDN’T have a baby cut out of them four days ago.

Either way? I feel wasted. I think that should hold me over until my appointment Wednesday to get my staples out. And then? I’m making MrZ carry me everywhere so that I don’t have to walk. I’m through with the walking.

Brothers and Sisters of the four-legged variety

Well, the animals are coping with the new addition to our family. How WELL they are coping has yet to be seen. LilGirl seems VERY worried about NikkiZ. Especially when she crieds. She gets this incredibly stressed look on her faces and wimpers at us like “TAKE CARE OF HER, SHE NEEDS YOU, DAMMIT!” It must be the mom in her. Sweetie is a little sad she’s not the baby anymore. And they are ALL sad that they are not being given free access to her spit-up crusted face or her poopy diapers. We’re taking all of the introductions VERY slowly and being careful to give the dogs special attention when we can.

Of course, I’m also a bit freaked out they are going to rip out my staples jumping on me, so I’m a little ginger around them as well, which I think hurts their feelings. But once my staples are out, I’ll be able to be more loving towards them. (And maybe my canine parental guilt will subside a bit).

It is COLD COLD COLD here today. I turned on the HEAT, if you can believe it. Because if there is one thing I learned from nursing LilZ in the winter time? NOTHING is more painful on boobs sore from nursing than COLD WEATHER. And that is ALL I’ll say about that.

Unpacking sucks donkey ass

Jeezus. We’ve been home for almost six hours and we’re just now unpacked. I don’t think I realized how much crap we took TO the hospital until we had to unpack it. And now? We enter a whole new world of dilemmas, like where do I put nursing pads in my house? There has never been a need for them before. Do I put them in the drawer with my bras? Or in the bathroom for after a shower? Or maybe in the kitchen for when I want a late night snack?


You know what I am SO excited about? TELEVISION. I have so much stuff on my TiVos at home that I have not seen. We have not watched any TV since Wednesday afternoon – so there should be a lot to catch up on. Thank you for no one ruining any of the shows for me. It has been hard to stay away from my normal web sites for fear of having shows like LOST or Survivor ruined for me. I’ll probably catch up on it all after a few nights of late night nursings. It’s amazing how little I freak out about my raw nipples being sucked to death when I’ve got good TV to watch. I’m a dedicated couch potato.

And more and more and more photos…

Edited to AddI have no idea what photos WERE in this entry…they have since disappeared into the pre-flickr abyss. Sorry!

Well, we FINALLY got discharged, as you can see. Actually, NikkiZ decided she was sick of waiting on ME to be discharged and just left on her own. We made it home with only minor amounts grumbling from me (I was in a bitchy mood), screaming from NikkiZ (not a big fan of the car seat just yet) and panicking from MrZ (worrying that she might choke to death on the car ride home).

“You can tell this is not your first kid because you haven’t even checked on her in her car seat once, while I’ve turned around to look at her at every red light.”

It’s true. I’m no where near as protective of NikkiZ as I was of LilZ…I guess it’s second child syndrome. You learn with the first one how tough they are so you don’t worry as much with the rest of them. MrZ though, this being his first, is a bit protective and it is terribly adorable and makes me fall in love with him for the millionth time this week.

Stace and her girls came to help us out today. She is carting LilZ to his soccer games and holding NikkiZ while I get us settled in back home. I’m grateful she’s here and even more grateful she’s not making fun of me for walking around like an 80 year old woman recovering from hip surgery. Post labor walking? Nothing you’re going to see on the catwalk at the Spring Fashion shows.

Home sweet home. Plus one baby and minus one placenta. It’s a good feeling.

You people are KILLING me!

How am I supposed to buy BEER when you all are making me spend my money on BANDWIDTH. You have made me over my limit TWICE the last few days!

But that’s okay because as long as you all keep coming back, I keep having excuses to post pictures of my daughter.

We are just sitting here waiting for the doctor to discharge me. No one has ANY idea how long this will take, but it is all we are waiting on. MrZ is loading up all of our stuff and I’m just torturing my child by not feeding her because my GOD my boobs need a BREAK. She nursed for an entire hour last night which got her a prompt grounding for the next week.