• My first outing was, of course, to Target

    We’ve quickly made a list of things we need since we’ve been home with a new human. For example, we needed some garbage cans with lids to keep dogs from eating yummy things like diapers and burp residue! (We have a diaper genie for her bedroom). We also needed a few grocery items to make it through the week with two adults staying at home all day. And, of course, we needed more halloween candy since we have eaten all of the stuff we bought for the trick-or-treaters.

    So – I decided to brave a trip to Target. I planned it so that LilZ and I would leave as soon as I fed NikkiZ so that we would have a solid two hours before I was needed again. I was moving VERY slowly so I told LilZ he had time to shop around for his stuff (he had a gift card to spend) while I got fun things like maxi pads and Advil. After about five minutes I realized I was in WAAAY over my head. We made it out of there alive with a buggy full of groceries and LilZ unloaded all of the stuff both into my trunk and into the house when we got home. I don’t know what part wore me out first, pushing the buggy, walking, thinking, bending for items on bottom shelves, or just dealing with people who DIDN’T have a baby cut out of them four days ago.

    Either way? I feel wasted. I think that should hold me over until my appointment Wednesday to get my staples out. And then? I’m making MrZ carry me everywhere so that I don’t have to walk. I’m through with the walking.