What was I going to say?

Yeah. I had an entry planned about the television from last night. And maybe I was going to talk about how unsuccessful I was staying on my left side all night. I was probably also going to discuss ass sweat and donuts (those are usually givens). But instead? I waked up to an email from amalah. Hopefully? By now? She’s already had her baby. But, since she’s a first timer, she could still be in labor. Either way – it’s happening (at least it had better be). I’m so excited.


9 thoughts on “What was I going to say?”

  1. =) I’m excited for her, too. I’ve been reading her journal for a lil while now and she’s finally going into labor! I’m happy for her!

  2. Musicalgirl – was on bed rest for 3 months on my left side with her – trust me, before you know it you;’ll be saying how you can’t sleep anyway EXCEPT on your left side. She’s 11 and I still find myself on my left side.. go figure! Isn’t exciting about Amalah!!

  3. I know, I’m so excited! I checked her blog last night before bed and she’d headed off to the hospital just an hour prior… *squee!* I can’t wait to hear the news. :)

  4. Wow, once you have NikkiZ the Blogger Birthingpalooza 2005 will be over. *Sigh* I am refreshing like a maniac over there, Bloglines just isn’t quick enough these days…

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