Just like his mother

I’ve had a parenting revelation today (I know!) It has occurred to me that the thing that LilZ does that drives me the craziest is the quality I most want him to have as an adult. And this sucks royal donkey ass.

Let me explain: LilZ was supposed to go to school dressed from the 50s today, to celebrate his principal’s 50th birthday. Earlier in the week he said he was going to roll down his socks like his teacher said to do. I said, “Huh?” And he explained that he wanted to wear “Bobby Socks” and no matter HOW much I tried to convince him that the GIRLS did that, not the BOYS, he would NOT listen to me OR give in. I mean we ARGUED over it and he said “Mom! You weren’t even ALIVE during the 50s” (Which, good point.) and I was all “But I KNOW this for a FACT!” and he was all “But my teacher SAID…” and I was all, “But what she MEANT was…” and it was insane.

I finally gave up and just “Whatever…”-ed the rest of the discussion.

(I’m mature)

Today, he comes out with GREEN socks rolled down around his ankles. I finally said “Okay. If you’re GOING to wear your socks like that, CONVINCED you are supposed to, you HAVE to AT LEAST wear WHITE ONES.” Which he VERY begrudgingly agreed to do. But then? He rolled his jeans up to his knees almost. “She SAID to do that!” And I didn’t even BOTHER arguing this time.

But then? MrZ saw him and started it all over again. (He had missed all the other discussions about it). We finally got the internet to back us up and sent him on his way looking VERY cute VERY greasy and VERY 50s. I still think there was a part of him hoping someone would tell him he rolled up his jeans wrong or his socks wrong so he could come home and be “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Of course, we KNOW that won’t happen because, well, I’m always right.


So here it is: He is as stubborn as a mule and if he believes something he will argue it to the death. And this makes me furious because I want him to respect the fact that I know more than him and he should trust my infinite wisdom.


But he WONT. He argues and fights and LONGS for those few moments where he can be right and we (because he does the same thing to MrZ) are WRONG WRONG WRONG. He’ll fight to the DEATH over some things. And it makes us INSANE.

But you know what? He is just like us. I mean, EXACTLY like us. MrZ and I do the same thing to each other all the time. And we both find sick pleasure in proving the other person wrong. We’re SICK. And in reality? That is the type of adult I want LilZ to be. I want him to have STRONG opinions. I want him to firmly believe and not be wishy washy. I want him to argue and fight for what he believes. I want him to be an activist.

I just wish he could be passionate and argumentative with OTHER people because he acknowledges that his mother is right about everything.



13 thoughts on “Just like his mother”

  1. There is some sick pleasure to be had at KNOWING you are right and the other person is WRONG and arguing like crazy about it.

    It reminds me of My Cousin Vinny…

    Bill: You have to see the Gambinis in action. I mean, these people, they love to argue. I mean, they live to argue.
    Stan: My parents argue too, it doesn’t make them good lawyers.
    Bill: Stan, I’ve seen your parents argue. Trust me, they’re amateurs.

  2. That is silly that the teacher didn’t say “dress like this if you are a girl”. Of course the kids are going to listen to their teacher. They know everything. Right?

    Glad you set him straight. Now where are the pictures of LilZ all dressed up?

  3. Oh Zoot, it sounds like you are raising him wonderfully. Every time you talk about Lil’Z it makes me so happy to hear about his new little generation.

    A generation where homosexuality is OK, a generation that is flexible about gender stereotypes, a generation that is interested and compassionate about the world. Lil’Z is all of those things and more. Stories about little men like Lil’Z (because he’s really more than a kid) make me excited about having children. I know it’ll be tough, but there’s so much potential for goodness out there. YAY Lil’Z!

  4. This is from someone who did live in the 50’s and I wante to say thank you to you and MrZ for keeping my grandson from looking kind of kooky today. He may not appreciate it fora whil but he’s being spared a big to bunch of teasing….phew

  5. It’s a great trait, but most normal people can’t handle it and for it, I’ve been banned from one forum and sorta made to leave another. They are just words people. Words.

  6. Ariel is EXACTLY like that…..and it drives me wild b/c she won’t back down one inch, regardless of the fact that she usually has formed her opinion from tiny tidbits of enitrely false info. Grrrrrr!

  7. Reminds me of something I heard when I was younger.–God and Saint Peter were discussing Adam and Eve after they were forced out of the garden of Eden. God Said to St. Peter – “I asked just one thing from them, just one thing, and told them NOT TO DO it”. St Peter said ” But Lord, you gave them free will”. God replied, “yes, free will to agree with me. When they don’t – its just darned impertinence “.

  8. You know, I am never one to want an older child around, but when I read what you write about Lil’Z and you, I can’t wait until my boys get older and we can have a kick-ass relationship like you and your son do. It’s awesome to read your stories!

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