FINALLY. The important stuff.

Yeah, it’s been a crazy day, hasn’t it? Well, let me finally throw out my two cents about Survivor last night:

I still love Stephanie and I totally played basketball (don’t laugh, I really did!) for a couple of years and would have known what a pick is and then she and I could have been BFFs forever.

But Briana? Come ON! She just STOOD there during that challenge and LilZ and I were screaming at the TV “DO SOMETHING!!!!!” and she ignored us. She may not have known what setting a pick meant, but she had to know that standing there was doing absolutely NOTHING.

I have big issues with that chick, Danni? from Kansas City? I don’t know what it is, but something really bugs me about her. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is yet, though.

Oh – and I finally saw the Amazing Race: Family Edition last night too. LilZ took notes and we have gobs of opinions on the teams. I was really sad to see the Black family go, they were great. But – they handled it with such class and acted in a way that truly showed how much they loved their boys. It was awesome. The Paulos? I want to kick the crap out of ALL of them. Those boys just YELL at their mother constantly and she’s not a whole heck of a lot better. I loved that the big strong sibling team almost came in LAST. Who knew there would be such a HUGE difference between “Build it” and “Buggy it”. I think this will be a good season to watch. I wasn’t into the concept, but now that I’ve seen the first episode? I think I kinda dig it.

Yes. I said, “Dig it.” Shut it.


8 thoughts on “FINALLY. The important stuff.”

  1. Braina didn’t listen to us either. She drove me a little nuts.

    Also, Danni, reminds me of Monica Gellar…and that…also drives me nuts.

    My husband laughed at me because I was so excited when ARFE came on.

  2. Looks like I’m going to have to start watching yet another television show. As long as it doesn’t run up against Alias. But really? They killed off Vaughn, so what does it matter?

    I’m still refreshing Amalahs site every 3 minutes. On pins and needles.

    p.s. Your readers are the best. Some have actually stopped by my site. Whereas it will never reach the greatness of Zoot- it may make some laugh. Maybe. Even a small sarcastic laugh? Please?

  3. I’ve been curious about your take on AR. I don’t think I’m going to be -as- into it as I am normally, especially since it’s looking like they stay in the States the whole time (I hope they prove me wrong on that), but it was good. I was sad to see the Blacks go – such nice people. I was a bit amused by the family of runners – they are so hard core. Those parents sounded like they’d really gotten off on the experience of dragging that buggy. I will say, that little girl can RUN.

  4. Zoot,

    I agree Briana was such a wusss, how in the world do you not know what a Pick is. Bye the way hilarious about the BFF with stephanie. To funny.

  5. I love Stephanie also. I think she kicks butt. I also was screaming at the TV when Briana was just standing there. UGH! Glad her ass is gone.

    I am still unsure of the Amazine Race. I agree that the Paulos are annoying. I can not believe the mother lets her boys talk to her like that .

  6. I LOVE LOVE Stefanie…bobby jon? TOTALLY LOON!
    Umm I missed a lot of the amazing race ..Noah woke up JUSt as that woman was getting run over by the buggy! DAMN I wish we had TiVo here.

  7. My late comment on TAR.

    I cannot stand the Paulo family. The mom drives me crazy. She’s SO annoying.

    I was really rooting for the siblings. They are HILARIOUS, but it saddens me that they are so dumb and that is what is going to cost them.

    I don’t like that stupid little girl. She annoys me too.

    My favorites are the widow and her children and the dad with his three daughters. I really like those two teams.

    The Black family. What a great last name. They are so nice and I liked them a lot but the little boy would’ve eventually cost them. He’s kinda a sissy.

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