Bitchy McBitcherson

GRRR. I ended up getting really woozy at work (probably the extended time rolling around on the ultrasound table) and puking. Good times. I came home and began dealing with red tape and beauracracy in other financial issues in my life. Good times. I can’t seem to get anyone to help me with any of my questions or problems. All they can say is “there is definitely a problem.” Which, you know, really? Thanks. I knew that. That’s why I called.

I still don’t feel great. Of course it all goes back to my inability to breathe which we can now blame on NikkiZ laying SIDEWAYS under my ribcage. Which, did I mention she’s SIDEWAYS? And have I mentioned that I want her to be in the RIGHT position so that I can wow my husband with my amazing pain tolerance and make it through natural childbirth never once muttering anything other than “Honey, can I have some ice chips, please?” whereby assuring he’ll always worship me as the amazingly brave and strong woman I know I can be?

(Yes. I’m delusional. In my fantasy world, that’s how it works and he spends the rest of our lives together bragging about me and my brilliance to anyone and everyone he encounters. I’m in a foul mood. Don’t burst my bubble.)

I’m just feeling a little pissy. Can you tell?


6 thoughts on “Bitchy McBitcherson”

  1. Sending happy vibes your way!

    If you still don’t feel gross, go eat some chocolate. That ALWAYS helps.
    Or if you’re allowed (I have no idea if this is a no-no for pg women or not) take a nice bubble bath to melt the stress away. Heck, that might make NikkiZ move…

    I hope the rest of your day gets better.

  2. I hope you get your chance to wow Mr. Z.

    I tried to wow my husband with my ability to suffer the pains of childbirth, but (and I kid you not) the man said “Oh, come on… it’s not that bad. I’ve been through worse.”

    I’m still not sure why I allowed him to LIVE after that.

  3. my baby was under my ribcage on my left: he still likes to sleep on his left and does everything with his left hand!
    babies seem to have their own ways set even before their born!

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