• FINALLY. The important stuff.

    Yeah, it’s been a crazy day, hasn’t it? Well, let me finally throw out my two cents about Survivor last night:

    I still love Stephanie and I totally played basketball (don’t laugh, I really did!) for a couple of years and would have known what a pick is and then she and I could have been BFFs forever.

    But Briana? Come ON! She just STOOD there during that challenge and LilZ and I were screaming at the TV “DO SOMETHING!!!!!” and she ignored us. She may not have known what setting a pick meant, but she had to know that standing there was doing absolutely NOTHING.

    I have big issues with that chick, Danni? from Kansas City? I don’t know what it is, but something really bugs me about her. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is yet, though.

    Oh – and I finally saw the Amazing Race: Family Edition last night too. LilZ took notes and we have gobs of opinions on the teams. I was really sad to see the Black family go, they were great. But – they handled it with such class and acted in a way that truly showed how much they loved their boys. It was awesome. The Paulos? I want to kick the crap out of ALL of them. Those boys just YELL at their mother constantly and she’s not a whole heck of a lot better. I loved that the big strong sibling team almost came in LAST. Who knew there would be such a HUGE difference between “Build it” and “Buggy it”. I think this will be a good season to watch. I wasn’t into the concept, but now that I’ve seen the first episode? I think I kinda dig it.

    Yes. I said, “Dig it.” Shut it.