Holy Shit!

I just got this email from my All & Sundry’s notify list. This is JB writing to you from labor & delivery where Sundry has been since Monday morning. High blood pressure sent her here, Pitocin is gonna keep here with a lot of magnesium just to make things extra tough. We’re hoping to see […]

Getting Closer…

As far as I can tell, all of the Photoblogs are now up and running. Of course, the only one that is PRETTY is the main Zootography (always active) photoblog. The rest? Are simply functional. Ever since I opened my Flickr account, the photoblogs haven’t seen much activity, but they are there – if you […]

Just give me the damn baby.

Last night’s childbirth class was nice, as usual. My favorite part of both weeks has been the end when we get on the floor and do our relaxation excercises. The ones where we get comfortable and tell our partners to pamper us how we so desire. Seriously, my body is so tense all the time? […]