WhatEVAH – (A Big Brother 6 RANT)

April and Maggie and Ivette were ALL snotty bitches about Janelle winning America’s Choice. They acted almost like we were WRONG, if we COULD have been wrong. And then they judged her for wanting Michael to call instead of her Mom. WhatEVER. Who are they to judge who she wants to call her, and why in the HELL are they bitching incessantly TO AMERICA. Way to make sure we vote for you next time, stupid morons.

AMERICA IS CRUEL AND HEARTLESS. HAHAHAHAHAH. That is why we voted for Janelle. And did I REALLY hear James quoting the BIBLE in regards to a REALITY TV SHOW? At least he mocked himself for it. I guess. Either way, those people are a bunch of psychotic wackos. Especially considering they were INSULTING us for voting for someone ELSE.

Oh, wait. April said anyone who watches the show must be Effing pieces of SHIT. So, I guess that’s what we are.

Dude, I’m totally loving hating them. Heh.

Holy Shit!

I just got this email from my All & Sundry’s notify list.

This is JB writing to you from labor & delivery where Sundry has been
since Monday morning. High blood pressure sent her here, Pitocin is
gonna keep here with a lot of magnesium just to make things extra
tough. We’re hoping to see Riley tonight or tomorrow morning.

Post positive comments to keep her cheered up!


EEK. She’s in labor! Go tell her congrats and wish her luck and think happy thoughts about her.

Getting Closer…

As far as I can tell, all of the Photoblogs are now up and running. Of course, the only one that is PRETTY is the main Zootography (always active) photoblog. The rest? Are simply functional. Ever since I opened my Flickr account, the photoblogs haven’t seen much activity, but they are there – if you want to check them out. I have had these grand plans in the past to make a photoblog out of my “Random Photos” on the sidebar, but I’m lazy, and too busy designing other people’s sites to get creative on mine. But – they are finally up and running after the disaster that was this weekend’s upgrade.

All in all? Things are actually running a lot smoother. There are still kinks here and there that I need to work out, but the framework is a lot more stable now that I’ve been FORCED to clean things up. What does this mean for you? It means that you get a much LESS stressed out Zoot! Woo Hoo!

You also get a Notify list. Do you see that? On my sidebar? OVER THERE—>>>> Okay. Now, I post a million times a day, so I’m NOT going to notify you everytime I post. Don’t worry. You see, I plan on liveblogging my labor(don’t you DARE laugh at me) before I go to the hospital. Then, MrZ and I are going to send blog entries from our cell phones to let you know the progress. We want to keep you updated because we have both agreed that BLOGGING is the best thing to keep me distracted considering it is such a HUGE part of my life.

HOWEVER – in case none of this works as planned – or in case an emergency occurs – I will have a list of people to email as soon as we are able to. So, we are not planning on taking a blogging hiatus during labor (I want to totally geek out my daughter by blogging her birth.) but if we have to? You can be notified as soon as we return.

Also? Since this is new and I’ve never used this function before? I may run a couple of tests on entries between now and then. So, if you sign up, expect a couple of trial runs before we go live. Now – you do NOT HAVE to sign up. I read 1000 blogs that have notify lists and I’ve never signed up for any of them, I promise, my feelings won’t get hurt. If you know you’ll check back either way? Then don’t bother signing up. It’s just a bonus feature that MAY be useful to some people. If you’re one of those people? Feel free to use it.

(Of course, that doesn’t mean I wont be refreshing my notify list constantly to see who has signed up. I’m not THAT unattached to the outcome of this project.)

Do you think I watch too much TV?

Here are some of the suggestions from the last entry regarding what TV series I want to buy to distract me during early labor at home. Suggestions which I have already SEEN and am in love with and MY GOD, YOU ALL HAVE GREAT TASTE IN TELEVISION! Not only that? But I have realized that I watch WAY too much TV.

Not that it’s a bad thing…

  1. Arrested Development: Watch it – LOVE LOVE LOVE it – own the first season on DVD.
  2. 24: Watch it – LOVE it – seen every episode. (And love that Sean Astin is going to be in it this season.
  3. Law & Order: SVU: Watch it – Love it – Have a TiVo season pass and have seen almost every episode.
  4. Lost: Watch it – Love it. Seen every episode.
  5. CSI: Watch it – Love it (especially Warrick. Yummy). Seen almost every episode.
  6. The O.C.: Watch it – Love it (especially Peter Gallagher. Yummy.) Seen every episode.
  7. Family Guy: Watch it – Love it – TiVo Season Pass and seen almost every episode.
  8. Simpsons: Watch it – Love it – Seen almost every episode.

Some shows I have not seen, but have reconsidered thanks to you all reminding me that the topics/language/plots may not be the best for labor distraction.

  1. Sopranos
  2. Dead Like Me
  3. Six Feet Under
  4. Carnivale

So. The two I’m considering?

  1. Gilmore Girls: I have a HUGE crush on Lauren Graham and have always wanted to watch her show.
  2. Veronic Mars: I watched the FIRST episode and was bored, but it has gotten such good reviews since, I feel I should give it another try.

Just give me the damn baby.

Last night’s childbirth class was nice, as usual. My favorite part of both weeks has been the end when we get on the floor and do our relaxation excercises. The ones where we get comfortable and tell our partners to pamper us how we so desire. Seriously, my body is so tense all the time? I would have paid the 60 dollars just for that 30 minute chunk on Monday nights.

We learned all about C-sections last night, and the teacher kept trying to be reassuring “It’s not the worst thing that could happen.” or “The goal is the baby, C-sections are just the emergency exit,” and such things to ease the minds of women who are really wanting the vaginal delivery and feel hurt when they can’t have it.

Me? I just want a healthy baby to hold when it’s all over. If you find yourself having to cut it out of me with a butter knife? So be it.

We also talked about what goes into our labor bag to use as a resource at home, and then to take to the hospital with us when it’s time. However, I noticed that she did not include “DVDs” on the list. I have already said that I want to purchase some DVD season of some show I’ve always wanted to watch. That way, during the beginning stages of labor when we’re still at home? I’ll have something to distract me. Because, like a good couch potato, I believe good TV is the best medicine for anything that ails you.

What show should I buy? I’ve never watched any of the HBO/Showtime/Cinemax series that everyone has talked about the last few years. Sopranos? Six Feet Under? Are any of those any good? If so, should I get the FIRST seasons of them? Or what about Alias? I hear the first season of that is really good. But, I’ve read enough about that show that I fear it may be ruined for me. Maybe a comedy? Help me out here, people. I need a TV series that will keep me distracted during labor….the suggestion box is now open.