Katrina Update

Many of you have asked for an update on MrZ’s family in Slidell, LA. We really haven’t had much to give, seeing as how the city has been (and still is) off the grid for 48 hours. No power, no phones, no internet. Luckily, we received word this morning that the one uncle who stayed to weather the storm HAS been seen. Up until last night, his wife and the rest of the family were in a frenzy because no one had heard from him. No one has talked to him yet, but word is he’s out there, and in reality? That’s all that matters.

Now, MrZ’s grandparents, 2 aunts, and a couple of cousins all live in Slidell. His grandparents are now in Atlanta with MrZ’s mom and her sister. HIs grandmother requires a lot of assistance as she is a stroke victim, so the two sisters have taken over the duties that her nurse usually does. This was, of course, no big deal for a few days. However, now it looks like they may not be able to go back home for as much as 12 weeks. And that could be BEST case scenario. She can not go that long without medical attention/therapy/nursing care – so the family is crossing that hurdle the best they can.

Meanwhile, the two aunts and multiple cousins have not heard about the status of their homes, as far as we know. For all they know, the homes are gone. But even if they are not gone, there is no power, no phones, no sewage, so when do you go home when that is what’s waiting for you? Everyone is grateful that it looks like they all survived, but now? Is the hard part. What do you rebuild? How do you get news from an area that is disconnected? Its just a lot for one family to handle, and there are hundreds and thousands of these stories emerging from the gulf as we sit here with our lights, our flushable toilets, and our glasses of clean water.

I do not know of any major city in the south that is not trying to have SOME sort of relief effort. Food Lion (grocery store, we don’t have them) is sponsoring efforts, Syndicated Radio shows are taking collections in Birmingham, Charlotte, and Chattanooga. At some point in time this weekend, SOMEone SOMEwhere near you will be collecting water and food and diapers and batteries. Please, if you can, spend 5 dollars on a case of water or a pack of diapers and take it to one of the donations centers. If you can not? Donate to the Red Cross. At times like this? Physical donations of supplies may be helpful FASTER than money, but in reality? Just give what you can. And if you can’t give at all? Then just stop a moment and be thankful for what you have. Give your loved ones a hug and tell them how much you love them. Hold them close, for there are many people here who do not have that luxury right now.

If you know of a donation center in your town – email it to me, or leave the comment here. I need the where, the when, and the WHAT should they bring. I will keep a list of them on my front page so people can check back and see if there is anything in their town they can help out with.

You all came through for the Tsunami victims. These victims now? Are our family. Our friends. Our brothers, sisters, and grandparents. We are all affected by this tragedy somehow. Please, help, if you can.


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  1. i will be organizing a fundraiser with my local Jaycee chapter here in Northern Virginia. right now, i’m thinking the monies will be donated to the Red Cross. i can let you know details once i get things worked out.

    many hugs to MrZ’s family. they’re in my thoughts.

  2. Best wishes to MrZ and all of his family. I’m hoping that everyone will come through with donations again, like they did with the Tsunami. I can’t even imagine…

  3. My brother and sister-in-law and 4 month old neice live in Mobile. Things are much better there than in Mississippi and Louisiana, but it is still alarming to hear the stories of how bad things are. We’re out in CA, and feeling very helpless. My prayers are with everyone out there and my donations are with the Red Cross, but it doesn’t seem like enough. The south will never be the same again, and that boggles the mind.

  4. Zoot, coming into work this morning I heard on the radio that here in Huntsville all fire departments are taking donations of food, water, personl hygiene products…etc. They along with Turner charities and the Red Cross are going to get the items trucked down south somehow……I am going to get somethings together and find me a local fire station…….

  5. I am very relieved to hear that Mr. Z’s family is okay…I am sure that like me, they are in some sort of shock. Please if all of Miss Zoot’s readers can help, it will be much appreciated. I, myself don’t need anything, I made it out alive with my cat, but there are those still stuck in those cities….they need all the help and good mojo you can send.

  6. There are two shelter locations right now here in Shreveport, Louisiana. They need EVERYTHING. Bedding, toiletries, diapers, formula, any kind of matress, air or otherwise…like I said, they need everything. They’re also asking for volunteers to come help at the shelters which are located at LSU Shreveport Campus gym and the Hirsch Coliseum at the fairgrounds. The shelter at LSU is full, they just opened up the coliseum last night and they say it’s filling fast.

  7. I’m so glad they are all ok
    and that was the sweetest appeal I have heard yet – We still have one person MIA but other than that everything is ok over here for us in BR

  8. Miss Zoot, apparently here in Huntsville until 6:30 this evening there will be stands at the area Lowes stores taking donations for the Red Cross – and Lowes will match them dollar for dollar. My thoughts are with Mr. Zoot’s family and the entire area as they try to recover from this!

  9. So glad to hear that all of the family is ok. I was just in New Orleans 2 months ago, and I simply can’t believe it’s underwater right now.

    People who work for big companies might want to check and see if their employer will do matching donations to the Red Cross. My company usually does that after a major natural disaster.

  10. Glad to hear MrZ’s family is all safe. That’s what matters.

    I’m on a FEMA listserve and just wanted to share this information with you and your readers about cash/non-cash donations from them:

    “Cash donations are especially helpful to victims,” Brown said. “They allow volunteer agencies to issue cash vouchers to victims so they can meet their needs. Cash donations also allow agencies to avoid the labor-intensive need to store, sort, pack and distribute donated goods. Donated money prevents, too, the prohibitive cost of air or sea transportation that donated goods require.”

  11. I live in Houston, Texas and I know that you can go to http://www.abc13.com and they will give you links to where our shelters are in place. I know that we have just opened the Astrodome, Reliant Arena, and the Reliant Center to be used as shelters for the evacuees.

    Please tell Mr. Zoot that my family is thinking of him and his ( your) family.

    Praying and fully relying on God,

  12. I feel like I am holding my breath waiting for news. My SIL and her husband are going back to St. Tammany’s parish today, to hopefully get to their house and see the damage.

    Still praying for your family as well.

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