Its been awhile since I posted a pointless list

Lately? I have fallen in love with several new things that I am sure to post obsessively about in the next six months or so. These things are not replacing PAST obsession (Krispy Kreme, Target, Crack) they are simply supplementing them so that I can diversify my compulsions. Many of these? Are your fault too, as you suggested them too me. But, since I have obviously become enamored with them, I will not hold it against you.

  1. French fries dipped in Frosties. LilZ loves this one too. We are trying to avoid it, since it’s not quite the healthiest meal on the planet.
  2. Low Fat Strawberry Cream Cheese.
  3. Mozilla Firefox. Okay – so I told you many moons ago that I only use Firefox to test designs, but for general surfing? I use Internet Explorer. One of you (who knows who) mentioned thet “TABS” and I had NO idea what you were talking about. Last weekend? I discoverd the Firefox tabs and my life has not been the same since. I have asked Firefox to marry me as soon as the divorce with MrZ is final.
  4. Monk
  5. Gawker
  6. Birkenstocks. I have always loved Birkenstocks and I still have the first pair I bought in 1993, but with this pregnancy, and the heat, and the swelling, and the joint pain, I have decided my Birkenstocks are the most fabulous shoe in the world and I have promised my feet I will buy them a NEW pair after the baby is born since nothing but Birkenstocks have been on my feet the last several weeks.
  7. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody a show that LilZ watches and LOVES and has somehow gotten me addicted to eventhough it is, quite possibly, the worst show I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
  8. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion.
  9. Wal-Mart’s online one-hour-photo service. Yes, I know I’ve already raved about that.
  10. Scrapbooking. I blame this new obsession indirectly on amalah who mentioned the wonders of the scrapbooking aisle to me one day. I’m sure this phase will not last long since my record for sticking to a new hobby (not involving the computer) is about 14.2 days, but for now? I’m having fun with it.
  11. LilZ’s backrubs. He’s getting REALLY good at them. He’s spoiling me.

I’m sure the list will grow. It always does.


14 thoughts on “Its been awhile since I posted a pointless list”

  1. Consider adding Defamer ( to the list…it’s the West Coast version of Gawker. Also, I am hopelessly addicted to The Soup on the E channel. I laugh until I cry.

  2. Hello – A list for a list….

    1. I thought I converted you to Danskos? Maybe those are just your winter /clog shoes.

    2. What have you heard about/think about the new browser Opera?

    3. Scrapbooking: I did it for about 10 pages, I was even so bold to say I was GOING to scrapbook all my wedding photos….haaaa haaaa haaaaa. It IS fun but gets time consuming and expensive. Good luck with that!

  3. I second the crocs suggestion – they are sort of ugly, at first (no offense, BIYF!!!) but they are SO COMFORTABLE! Plus they now sell them at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Huntsville so you can try them on rather than just ordering them and hoping they fit.

  4. I’ll admit that at first, I switched to Firefox because all the cool people on the Internets were doing it. Then, aside from tabbed browsing, I began to love how much more secure it is than IE. With regards to Opera, I tried that ages ago, but didn’t like it, despite the tabbed browsing. The interface isn’t clean and simple like Firefox, and it didn’t seem as fast as IE even. I tried it again recently, but I still do’t think it compares to Firefox.

    Another love of mine? Gmail. Seriously though, I still have like 50 invites left but everyone I know still seems to want to keep their puny little Hotmail accounts. Meaning that I still use MSN Messenger because of them and Google Talk is completely friendless and alone. Sigh.

    So, I shall use your comments as a forum – People of the Internet! Get a Gmail account! Email me! Tell the whole family!

  5. a whole hour for photos….tsk…the place i work in does them in 20 mins.

    i really like the flowers on your new template thingy, did you draw them?

  6. I tried Opera once..but there were some limitations that I did not enjoy and only used it in a suplimental capactiy. :) Firefox? That’s true love, people. Yes, it is all about the tabs. Somehow I can manage to have 62 webpages open but only five windows in my taskbar. (Nevermind the five windows folders, PSP, FTP, email and IM windows open too…basically, I need the extra tall start bar) Glad you’ve discovered the love too. :)

  7. Oh – scrapbooking – have I got a deal for you!! Combine scrapbooking with computers & what do you get? DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING. Done with PSP, Photoshop or one of those other programs. I’m a former paper scrapper who discovered digiscrapping in April & I’m now getting rid of all my paper supplies. It’s THAT good.
    Check out It’s so easy & you’ll totally dig it. Or you can check out my LOs on my blog (that you designed) under scrapbooks & get an idea.

  8. I looove the Firefox Tabs as well. I do not know, how I even existed on the Internet before discoering them. All I am missing though is a keyboard shortcut to jump between the Tabs (like alt+tab to jump between opened windows).

  9. I heart heart heart Firefox also. And Monk. Not so much the Frostie thing, ugh.

    Do you want some scrapbooking supplies? I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’m trying to get rid of in my ongoing decluttering-and-organizing effort. Shoot me an email if so.

  10. i use safari (and sometimes firefox) but I LOVEEEE tabs! I have the blogs I visit in 3 separate folders by order of how much I like them (I save my faves for last). I open each set in tabs and in about 30 seconds I have all 20+ sites loaded and ready to read.

    Monk? Rocks. We love that show… and sometimes I feel myself relating way to much to his crazy butt.

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