Another Notify from All & Sundry

I got another notification email from All & Sundry

Born this morning 6:14am weighing 6lbs, 13ozs. Mom and baby are happy
and healthy. Sorry, notify list doesn’t accomodate photos. But you
can trust he is handsome like his dad. :)


I dont even know her, but for some reason? I still can’t contain my glee. Now you see…when you email me and say “I don’t know you…but I’m thinking about you…” I don’t think of you as a freaky cyber-stalker. I think of you as ME. Because I do the SAME THING. Now you who email me and say, “I don’t know you…but I think your fat pregnant belly is HOTT” You? Are a cyber stalker. Go away.

Welcome to the world, Riley. Your mom makes me laugh, and that means she’ll be the best mom in the world.


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