Seven is a good number

(Thanks Janet, who didn’t tell me to do this but I’m doing it anyway, so THERE.) 7 things I plan to do before I die: 1. Have more kids 2. Get more tatoos 3. Backpack around Europe like my Dad did. 4. Take my family on a cross-country camping trip like my Dad did. 5. […]

Another Notify from All & Sundry

I got another notification email from All & Sundry – Born this morning 6:14am weighing 6lbs, 13ozs. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. Sorry, notify list doesn’t accomodate photos. But you can trust he is handsome like his dad. JB I dont even know her, but for some reason? I still can’t contain my […]

Katrina Update

Many of you have asked for an update on MrZ’s family in Slidell, LA. We really haven’t had much to give, seeing as how the city has been (and still is) off the grid for 48 hours. No power, no phones, no internet. Luckily, we received word this morning that the one uncle who stayed […]