Big Brother sucks. And – a bonus – what your child can learn at church camp

Could last night’s HoH competition have ended ANY worse? Nope. Not for me. Not for me, someone who REALLY doesn’t like people with superiority complexes. You know who are the people with the most honor and integrity? The people who HAVE honor and integrity but don’t constantly talk about how the people around them DONT. I honestly don’t think I can stand to watch it this week. Keep me posted on what happens.

On a NON-Big Brother related note:

No work again today. Not by CHOICE of course. But – it works out good since we have to drive LilZ down to another summer camp session. This one will only last until Tuesday, but let’s hope he has better weather this time. And let’s ALSO hope that he doesn’t come home talking about “p3nis enlargement advertisements.” Last time, some (naive) mother sent her son with a magazine which had a BUNCH Of sex-ads in the back. LilZ kept saying it was a “Science Magazine” but I dont know what kind of magazine targets scientists AND sends me spam email. No, I’m thinking it’s a “SCIENCE” wink, wink, magazine.

Evidently, when the boys told her, she felt REALLY bad…which, I’m thinking she probably was also REALLY embarassed and REALLY praying she didn’t get any phone calls from parents who did NOT find it funny that their son came back from church camp talking about sex toy ads.

It didn’t bother me, of course. It was actually pretty funny because LilZ and the rest of the boys got QUITE a kick sitting around going “OH MY GOD. EUROPEAN SEX CREAM!” and such. Boys will be boys…I just would prefer NOT to have to answer questions like “What did that one ad mean that said it was a cream that would make a woman want you more? Is it like lotion with a smell that would attract her?”

No, thank you. Stick to the Jesus-talk please.

How to make a GREAT first impression.

I had to run go get LilZ and bring him to my office for the last half of the day (long story). My boss doesn’t mind this periodically and his son was even here this morning.


We walked into the office after the 30-minute-hottest-part-of-the-day commut. I was VERY stinky (remember, no a/c), very flushed (remember, no a/c) and very frizzy (remember…I’m in freakin’ Alabama and the humidity level is always 100 billion percent and I’m always frizzy) and just rough looking all around. We were also toting in several bags (pokemon cards, laptops, office entertainment type things) as well as some BBQ chips.

In other words? We were a very strange looking, and oddly smelling, pair as we entered the office.

And what did we see? One of my supervisors standing in the foyer talking to a bunch of guys in suits. Guys in suits who looked at the two of us like, “Excuse me, you must be in the wrong place…” and probably then controlled a wee little gag as they got a whiff of my stanky, sweaty, body.

Dear Lord, if those men were here to bring us work, don’t let them judge a stinky pregnant women who totes her kid and her potato chips around the office as someone who can NOT be trusted with complex tasks. Let them see THROUGH the cloud of body odor boob sweat and see the genius that lies beneath. Or just give them strong stomachs and sympathetic hearts. That will work too.

I kept my clothes on!

We’re back from the doctor’s and all is well. I didnt even have to take my clothes off! Because my doctor is one of six in his practice, they wanted to start me on a “rotation” so that I get to see all of the other doctors at least once before I deliver, just in case my doctor can’t be there to deliver NikkiZ. (Which will break my heart, because I love him so). But – we’ve met ONE of the doctors already, during the hemotoma incident, and he was good. I also saw the protesters picketing him one day for being part of “Planned Parenthood”, and for a pro-choice liberal like me? That’s a plus in my book.

So, they stuck a big “ROTATION” sticker on my chart and I had to resist making the joke “I need a balance AND alignment too, while were at it.”

And, guess what? I had only gained FOUR POUNDS since my last visit, four weeks ago. Which, considering I had gained NINE POUNDS in the four weeks before that? This was good news. I’m still on track to gain “WAY TOO MUCH” weight, but not quite on the road to gaining an “OBSCENE AMOUNT”. And for now? I’m happy with that. Total weight gain so far? 31.5lbs. And…13 weeks to go. See? “WAY TOO MUCH”, but not quite “OBSCENE” yet. I am trying to set attainable goals for myself at this point.

I think my luck has run out

Guess what? I turned 27 weeks pregnant this week. Do you know what that means? By all practical accounts? I’m totally in my third, I mean LAST, trimester. Can you believe we made it THIS FAR? Remember the days when I couldnt even imagine myself SHOWING, much less having a baby? The days where I prepped for doctor’s appointments by replaying my past miscarriages in my head so I’d be emotionally ready for the bad news? The days where I scowled at ANYONE who even mentioned anything related to a nursery or possibly a REAL BABY. I was a mess, and you saw me through it, THANKS.

Well, I can obviously imagine myself SHOWING now, but still not doing well on the realistically imagining a baby thing.

Today I have another check-up. For the last several visits it has been, listen to the heartbeat, measure my belly, blood-pressure, weight check and send me home. I havent even had to disrobe! Much less be examined.

But I think today is when they go back to the VERY personal visits, and let me tell you, after a rough first trimester with clots and miscarriage risks, I’ve enjoyed NOT being poked and prodded in my privates. I’m not looking forward to having to get back in the stirrups. At least I like my doctor. I’m telling you, is there ANYTHING worse that being examined by someone you don’t like? Nope. Trust me. I had LilZ on Medicaid and had NO CHOICE as to which doctor I saw, and I saw a different one everytime, and half of them? Sucked. It’s amazing how much better the OB situation is now that we actually have REAL INSURANCE. Wee!

So – doctor’s appointment today at 9:15. Glucose tolerance test next week, 4D Ultrasound the week after that, and then BABY…in THREE MONTHS.

Shit. I’m really having a baby, aren’t I?

She said “I do” to ME!

Remember when I offered that free blogger design yesterday? Well, wordnerd asked for it…and of course, I gave it to her! And get this, she is getting MARRIED in, like a few days, and she still took the time to read my blog that day. I am so flattered. I dont think I even had my head on straight enough to remember to EAT the week before my wedding, much less surf the web.

So, go see my first blogger design ever, and tell wordnerd “Congrats!” on her upcoming nuptials!