9 thoughts on “Two at ONE TIME”

  1. Okay, kid, I have you nicely tucked into my Geriatric Ward, which is a euphemism for B**groll because B**groll contains a word that is banned from my site.

    I also added the Heatherette to my favorites list. That means she’s on probation.

    Have fun on the trail ahead.

  2. LOVE THEM BOTH AS ALWAYS!!! YOU ROCK GIRL! I want some of your mad talent! I SOOOO wish I could make my own banners every now and again….I will be emailing you pretty soon, asking about a possible banner for me. I get all my images through istock now, LOVE THEM! :)

  3. They both look awesome. I have to ask though, did you enhance the boobies on the Rum Family image. They are wonderful. Can I get me a set of those!

  4. Thank you for my most wonderful design! Of course we miss you around here. It’s just not the same. But, who am I to argue with owning a home of your own – I just wish we were moving right along with you :)
    Thanks again, friend!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you once again for my delicious site. I’m, of course, the envy of all of my friends. You did a fab job, Zoot, and you’re VERY PRETTY, too!

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