So the “Naked Co-Ed Pot Smoking” t-shirt is out?

I just went to register LilZ for after-school care. I thought it would be a quick, fill out a few forms, sign a few permission slips, and we’re outta there, type of experience.

Nope. There turned out to be about ninety million forms AND THREE of them need to be winessed and signed by a freakin’ notary republic. I didn’t even have to do that to get him registered for SCHOOL and this is just after-school care.

Then, LilZ and I were going through the papers and it turns out there’s a “dress code” where they lay down the law regarding short skirts, cigarette t-shirts, and exposed underwear. LilZ was all, “Mom. There’s a DRESS CODE.” Of course, he doesn’t even OWN anything that would go against the dress code, but just the IDEA of it offended the rebel in him.

(I didn’t mention to him that it offended the rebel in me, too)

I guess this is what we get for moving to an area where the only after-school program is at the local fundamentalist Christian church. I’m thinking LilZ shouldn’t mention the p3nis enlargement ads to this group.


9 thoughts on “So the “Naked Co-Ed Pot Smoking” t-shirt is out?”

  1. We have the same dress code in the elementary school I work in. They had to bring it in because we had a few “early developers” that were very proud of displaying their goods! It kind of freaked out the regularily devolping 9 year old boys! LMAO

    Now we just have a staff member that need the dress code. She always has her back and stomach half bare, and skirts half way up her schlitz. In a staff of all women and 1 man, I’m not sure I understand the logic of that.

  2. Ha. It would be funny if he sported the ‘check out my boxer shorts while I wear my pants around my knees’ look. You know, just for one day to freak them out. ;p

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