My worship service

I have been working on designs like a MAD women for the past week or so. Short from two separate trips to Target yesterday (one for groceries, on for fun, give me a break) and one trip to Staples (pens!) I spent the ENTIRE day in front of my laptop. I even brought my laptop to BED last night (it’s so fun to be married to me). All of this was starting to make me twitch ever so slightly.
So, for a change of scenery? I toted myself to Atlanta bread this afternoon for some free Wireless Internet, and some soup in a bread bowl. Unfortunately – they arent serving lunch yet, so I’m stuck with a muffin for a little while. Surely no one will think me pitiful if I stay here long enough to order breakfast AND lunch, will they?

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Well, they finally started serving lunch, but then the post-church crowd arrived and it took FOREVER for the lines to die down. But finally…



Oh. My. Sweet. God. In. Heaven.

MrZ just killed the BIGGEST hornet I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE life. And I’m not even exaggerating. It was so big I’m thinking it was actually NOT a very large hornet, but maybe a very small dragon. Or dinosaur. SCARY. I would have taken a picture but I was too busy being all “OHMIGOD don’t get that thing NEAR ME! eeeeek GET IT AWAY FROM ME!”

(Yes. It was already dead at that time. Imagine if I would have seen it ALIVE.)

And then he threw it away. So, no picture. But trust me. GI-GAN-TIC. HUGE. MON-STROUS. SC-A-RY.

This totally makes up for him getting all pissy this morning about bikes and stuff in the garage.


I FINALLY finished a new design for my old neighbor, MrsRum. Go say “Hi!” to her and ask her if she misses us around the old apartment complex!

And then, I finished another design for Warm Heatherette…go tell her, “Hi!” too!

I’ve been BUSY today. Can ya’ tell?

The one where we all get comfy.

Because I’m always so FREAKIN’ hot, and because I’m 30lbs heavier than I was 6 months ago, and because I’m swollen and sore, I can NEVER EVER seem to find a comfortable position to be in for more than 4.2 minutes. Last night? I decided cross-legged and bent over a bit was a comfy position to work on my laptop. And then cisco? Decided he would work with MY new comfy position to find his OWN.

WARNING: I put these pictures in the extended entry because I’m afraid my large thighs or double chin my scare off some readers. If the idea of these things frightens you, please do NOT click the link. Thank you.
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So the “Naked Co-Ed Pot Smoking” t-shirt is out?

I just went to register LilZ for after-school care. I thought it would be a quick, fill out a few forms, sign a few permission slips, and we’re outta there, type of experience.

Nope. There turned out to be about ninety million forms AND THREE of them need to be winessed and signed by a freakin’ notary republic. I didn’t even have to do that to get him registered for SCHOOL and this is just after-school care.

Then, LilZ and I were going through the papers and it turns out there’s a “dress code” where they lay down the law regarding short skirts, cigarette t-shirts, and exposed underwear. LilZ was all, “Mom. There’s a DRESS CODE.” Of course, he doesn’t even OWN anything that would go against the dress code, but just the IDEA of it offended the rebel in him.

(I didn’t mention to him that it offended the rebel in me, too)

I guess this is what we get for moving to an area where the only after-school program is at the local fundamentalist Christian church. I’m thinking LilZ shouldn’t mention the p3nis enlargement ads to this group.