• My worship service

    I have been working on designs like a MAD women for the past week or so. Short from two separate trips to Target yesterday (one for groceries, on for fun, give me a break) and one trip to Staples (pens!) I spent the ENTIRE day in front of my laptop. I even brought my laptop to BED last night (it’s so fun to be married to me). All of this was starting to make me twitch ever so slightly.
    So, for a change of scenery? I toted myself to Atlanta bread this afternoon for some free Wireless Internet, and some soup in a bread bowl. Unfortunately – they arent serving lunch yet, so I’m stuck with a muffin for a little while. Surely no one will think me pitiful if I stay here long enough to order breakfast AND lunch, will they?

    Updated to Add
    Well, they finally started serving lunch, but then the post-church crowd arrived and it took FOREVER for the lines to die down. But finally…