My husband is a crack head. And I’m a giant geek.

MrZ’s comment on my last entry:
I’m glad we agree on this stuff. Arguing over parenting issues w/ other parents is one thing, but can you imagine if you and I had opposing viewpoints on this kind of thing? That would be tough.

My reply:
[sarcasm] Um, yeah, I cant imagine, um, what it would be like if we disagreed about anything regarding, um, parenting, which, of course, we havent EVER done, have we? [/sarcasm]

His reply:
[duh] [idon’tknow what i was thinking] Good Point [/idon’tknow what i was thinking] [/duh]

I don’t know if this proves that MrZ is ON CRACK if he thought, for a second, that we would agree on all parental decisions, considering that we’ve had our share of disagreements with LilZoot. Or, if it proves that we’re GIANT FREAKIN’ GEEKS for responding to each other using pretend HTML tags to indicate emotion. I mean, [eyeroll]really…[/eyeroll]


8 thoughts on “My husband is a crack head. And I’m a giant geek.”

  1. I LOVE the tags! now that I actually understand them!! I’ve recently dipped into creating a web page….[reflects] [gone cross-eyed] Wait! what the hell am i thinking!? I don’t understand any of this crap!?? [/gone cross-eyed] [/reflects]

  2. Dangit!

    [duh reflection=idon’tknow what i was thinking]
    Good Point

    or maybe:
    [span class=”extreme-geeky-talk”]

  3. I vote geeks! :)

    I just found yoursite by clicking search that brought someone to my blog “fake toenails” I’m always curius about the weird ones… but it’s good to know that people can find you with the same search, I’m sure :)

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