LilZoot Loves His Crab Legs

One thing is for sure, with this new status at my job? LilZ with have to deal with missing out on some of his more expensive tastes…like crab legs. Why can’t my child order popcorn shrimp like all the other kids in the world? Remember, this is ALSO the kid who celebrated his birthday at a Japanese STEAKHOUSE, for chrissakes. He even likes sushi, which – Yay! He likes sushi! – but Boo! Not as much for me! I was glad to have a child who was open to try new foods, but does it have to be the most EXPENSIVE ones?

Yes. It does. Because if there is ONE thing this family takes seriously – it’s eating.


6 thoughts on “LilZoot Loves His Crab Legs”

  1. My daddy always told me I was going to have to find someone who could afford my eating habits – I always like the most expensive foods, too! :-p Why can’t LilZ be a little older – I could have someone to go out with! hehehe

  2. Dude! I have always LOVED crab legs. Even as a little kid, he has very discerning tastes! Just let him know he needs to be a little less discerning for the summer.

  3. My dad always asks why I have expensive tastes, and then I have to remind him that he started putting Godiva Grande Mints in my lunch kit when I was in preschool. Hmm, wonder where I got it.

    LilZ ever thought about maybe going to culinary school when he grows up. We get to eat everything we cook.

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