I Made the ULTIMATE Sacrifice

LilZ and I went to Krispy Kreme on Sunday for some “Hot! Fresh! Now!” donuts. We bought one dozen fresh glazed, and one dozen assorted. (Yes. I know that is a lot of donuts for three people. But who says we weren’t expecting company? Huh? Well…we weren’t…but YOU didn’t know that!) It’s nice to just have donuts laying around because it does WONDERS when you can come home from a crappy day at work to a donut. Which, of course, is what I did yesterday.

And all through the night I thought about how much another donut would help me get through my day today. (Yes. I dream about donuts. Shut it. Why are you giving me such a hard time?) When I got dressed and made LilZ’s lunch, I went to the Kripy Kreme box and – NO! There was only ONE donut left! And I was faced with the dilema, should I eat it or save it for LilZ who wanted one in his lunch?

And I gave it to him. FOR REAL! I DID! I know – I was even amazed at myself.

And I’m willingly having ANOTHER kid who I’ll have to sacrifice MORE donuts to eventually? Maybe I’m not cut out to be a parent. Its an awfully demanding job.


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