Well…It’s not ALL bad news…yet.

Okay. So after a day of waiting and waiting and waiting and cursing, we had our meeting. We are on a “need/call” kind of basis. Every Monday the boss will tell us how many hours we get to work (read: that he can pay us) for that week. This week? We have thirty hours. It could drop as low as 10, and probably won’t be as high as 40. We have many potential contracts hopefully opening up September. But if the work doesn’t come in? Layoffs are then. In essence? I have a summer of unstable income to look forward to. Which is what EVERY expectant mother wants.

So – we are cutting our give-in-everytime-Zoot-craves-Mexican-or-Ice-Cream budget, but we’re keeping the TiVo. I won’t get my 30th birthday party, but I will get to celebrate the release of the new Harry Potter book. LilZoot won’t get a new video game every week, but he will get to go to summer camp. MrZ won’t get his pendant lights, but he will get his flood lights. So you see? We are all making sacrifices, but we still get to keep some of the perks. So all in all? Not as bad as it could be.

And for the record? The TiVo will be the LAST thing to go.


18 thoughts on “Well…It’s not ALL bad news…yet.”

  1. Zoot, I’m sorry to hear that. The land of government contracts, it can be treacherous. I hope all goes well and y’all get some September contracts.

  2. Gah! Financial worries when you are pregnant. No fun. I mean, they are no fun anyway, but when you are pregnant, it just heigtens the stress. Here is hoping for better financial times!

  3. Ugh no fun at all. But I’m glad the Tivo is safe. There are many ways to count corners and hopefully karma will figure itself out soon.

  4. Ahh, I’m sorry….as if pregnancy and moving weren’t stressful enough. If you do need to sell the Tivo, I’ll make an offer. Hehe! ;o)

    Oh, and maybe we should take up a Miss Zoot’s Daily Doughnut Donation Fund! :)

  5. I hear ya, Zoot. We were recently looking at some budget trimming and my jaw dropped when my husband had the audacity to suggest I give up my digital cable/dvr and broadband internet. I had to explain that Comcast depends on my payment every month! It would affect their bottom line! Think of the shareholders!! So I’m keeping it for now. I’m doing my part to keep the economy moving.

  6. The TiVo SHOULD be the last to go – that is the thing that will help keep you HOME and away from outside influences that want to get a gander at your wallet. Yep, keep that TiVo guilt-free, for sure.

    Glad to see that Harry made the cut (oh dear lord, I am counting the days, hours – wait. I see you are, too! :-)

  7. Oh, sorry to hear about your woes — no 30th b-day party? Sounds like you’ll pull through, though and your sweet little lady will help you forget all about it for a few weeks! :) Take care!

  8. No 30th bday party? You think? We’ll see about all that! Why? B/c I’ll be there to save the day!

    And of course the TiVo will be going nowhere…that’s part of why you’re my BFF!

    Love you…..hugs traveling your way.

  9. Well try and look at the bright side. A bit less work for an expecting mother over the long, hot summer is not a bad thing….except for on payday.

  10. Yuck. Sad to hear things are shaky where you are, Zoot. You are smart to start planning now. Seems that problem is going around. I may be where you are very soon. Well, not in AL, but more in a philosophical kind of way. Not to say AL is bad, but I won’t be there. I don’t think.

  11. I say we all need to stop drininking the work water. The cash flow issues are everywhere. My company is going through THE SAME thing only they are not cutting hours they are slashing people. Luckily I have not been slashed yet but the stress of it all is nuts and I am not even expecting a zoot.

  12. You know, i read (and read) about that Tivo thing in a lot of american blogs, but until now i hadn’t exactly figured out what it did (i understood it had something to do with television programs though). We don’t have such a thing in the Netherlands (yet). Probably because television channels are not digitally transfered on a great scale yet.
    Now, i googled tivo, to see how amazing this thing is, that it is the last thing to go.
    Now, I want it too! So if you will sell it, think of me (and sell me the tv channels etc. too!)

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