Remember the painting?

I thought I’d post some pictures to PROVE we were painting the last several weeks. Here are some before and after pictures of a few of the rooms in our house. Here are the before pictures of LilZ’s room. Notice the pale yellow walls and flower curtains.

And here are the AFTER pictures. How rockin’ is that room? He actually picked the colors out himself. When he first said he wanted a blue and green room, I was unsure how that would look. BUT – the shades he chose? Look SO good together – don’t you think? And notice how we painted the doors different colors? We’re cool.

Here is the kitchen before and after MrZ painted it. We darkened the walls with a khaki color while lightening the trim with a shiny white. I decided since the walls and cabinets were so neutral, I’d bring color in with bright pottery for above the cabinets. Now, we just have to find a good replacement light fixture. Just call me some cool domestic diva other than Martha Stewart.

And finally – the best room of all. We replaced that tacky mauve color (which looks more orange in this picture) with the same bright white trim color. And we also got NEW COUCHES. The pillows that come with the couches aren’t the best – but the COUCHES. Are GORGEOUS. Aren’t they? And yes. You must agree or I’ll totally fire you.

For ALL of our moving photos, click here.

Moving On Up: Doggie Style

First? An adorable picture of my husband. He has MAD truck driving skillz thanks to a college job delivering furniture. If you ever need him to drive your moving truck? Give us a call.

Now – for the move through the doggie’s eyes:

Holy crap! Look! They let us outside WITHOUT LEASHES. I have to poop! They must be drinking that yummy “beer” stuff again. Oh. I have to poop again. Wait. They aren’t stopping us from running. They are letting us outside this place without leashes INTENTIONALLY. I have to pee! I hope we never leave this place. Run! Run! Run! Is that a dead rodent we can roll around on? SCORE!


And this is just a gratuitous cute cat picture. Sunflower is the calico who hid all night our first night here. This is a shot of Bambi obviously caring for her once she finally emerged. Do we have cool animals, or what?

The Cable Guy is SUCH a Tease

Yes. He came and turned on the cable. Yes. I had internet access for about 20 minutes on Friday. Long enough to say to myself, “Yay! Internet is working, I’ll post an entry when things calm down.” No. He didn’t do anything else but turn ON the internet. He didn’t complete his workorder or re-update our modem. Luckily, a nice lady on the phone today did all of that for me. I asked her to marry me. She said she gets that all the time.

I’ve got a bunch of good pictures to show and a bunch of good stories to tell. Including one that has me saying to LilZoot, “I am SO not in the mood for blue haired people right now.” We also have a cat who may be suffering from severe anxiety attacks, since she’s been hiding between mattresses leaning up against the wall. I’m not too worried though, since I joined her for a few hours yesterday afternoon. It’s a very calming place, ya’ know.

I will say this: LilZ’s room is the most rocking room on the face of the planet. I can’t wait to show you pictures. I thought about kicking him out of it and moving into myself, but then I remembered I had this husband that may not be as fond of the move as I am. He’s such a burden sometimes.

But – first? I have to finish getting things together. I actually showered an hour ago. First time in three days. So, obviously I’m making progress. But – there’s still stop signs to hang, depressed cats to counsel, and drunk birds to rescue (yep, that’s another good story).

I Now Leave It To The Power of the Cable Guy

It is 7am and I have already taken a load over to the house. How impressed are you? Good.

This next load is the trip to move the computer. The computer that gives both us and our TiVo the power to connect to the internet. The cable guy is supposed to be at the house late this afternoon to hook us up, but if he does not? It will be me and my laptop eating dinner at Atlanta Bread tonight.

Y’all – the house is looking SO DAMN GOOD. It is amazing how much better a room can look when you paint OVER the nasty-ass mauve trim with a coat of nice, clean, white paint. I will post pictures as soon as possible. MrZ had done such a good job. Makes the rooms I worked on look like ass. Donkey ass.

Now’s the time. Good-bye blog world – I’ll see you on the flip side.

I’ve Got a Thing About Polar Bears


Mathew Fox was on Ellen the other day saying we would SEE the Monster we would see INSIDE the hatch and we would be VERY satisfied with both. I was NOT satisfied with either. This is the summary of my issues: Do NOT reveal more mysteries than you solve. If you are going to make me wonder if Russo was in on Claire’s kidnapping? Then tell me why the HELL there are Polar Bears on the island. You know? Adding more mysteries (Who took Walt? Why did the monster pull Locke underground? Will Charlie fall off the rocker? Will the rafters make it back to the island?)is only good if you solve a few you left open ended. And about the monster – was that it? The wisps of black smoke? AND WHY ARE THERE POLAR BEARS ON THE ISLAND?

I guess I just wanted more. Just like with the meatball sub I ordered the other night where they jipped me on marinara sauce. Is it too much to ask that you cover ALL of the meatballs? I think not.

Pregnancy/Dental Note
I have a damn dental appointment today. I am NOT looking forward to this thanks to my new pregnancy symptom: Bleeding gums. My gums don’t hurt, they just BLEED and BLEED and BLEED (Yum!) when I brush my teeth and I do NOT feel like dealing with that today. Plus? I hate the Dentist. Seriously – I hate the Dentist ALMOST as much as I hate Russel Crowe.


After my trip to Hell, I will not return to the office until Wednesday. I will begin the Moviin-into-the-house-we-actually-own-and-have-to-fix-things-when-they-break-all-by-ourselves journey where my only goal is that MrZ is the first one to blemish the new paint job on the walls and not LilZ or I. Our phones and internet will be turned off in one place and turned on in the other sometime tomorrow. Lets also pray THAT goes off without a hitch and that my outlet for venting about the moving process is not taken from me in the form of a poor transfer. Otherwise, I may have to go back to my old method of coping with stress: Rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner of some room, while singing El DeBarge’s To the Beat of the Rhythm of the Night over and over again.

This, is why I blog.