• Remember the painting?

    I thought I’d post some pictures to PROVE we were painting the last several weeks. Here are some before and after pictures of a few of the rooms in our house. Here are the before pictures of LilZ’s room. Notice the pale yellow walls and flower curtains.

    And here are the AFTER pictures. How rockin’ is that room? He actually picked the colors out himself. When he first said he wanted a blue and green room, I was unsure how that would look. BUT – the shades he chose? Look SO good together – don’t you think? And notice how we painted the doors different colors? We’re cool.

    Here is the kitchen before and after MrZ painted it. We darkened the walls with a khaki color while lightening the trim with a shiny white. I decided since the walls and cabinets were so neutral, I’d bring color in with bright pottery for above the cabinets. Now, we just have to find a good replacement light fixture. Just call me some cool domestic diva other than Martha Stewart.

    And finally – the best room of all. We replaced that tacky mauve color (which looks more orange in this picture) with the same bright white trim color. And we also got NEW COUCHES. The pillows that come with the couches aren’t the best – but the COUCHES. Are GORGEOUS. Aren’t they? And yes. You must agree or I’ll totally fire you.

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