Zoot and Lil’Zoot – LIVE! From The Bed

Zoot: Hello All! Lil’ Zoot and I are here, in bed, trying to get ready to start our day.
LilZ: Hi Peoples.
Zoot: He’s a man of few words.
LilZ: That’s right, man. Girl. Chick. NO! Don’t write all of that!
Zoot: Evil Giggle What do you REALLY want to say to the people, LilZ.
LilZ: Um. That my mom’s pregnant? And she’s been pregnant? And I think it’s a boy because I’m a super doctor.
MR.Z: making a guest appearance at the other computer But it’s really a girl. And Cisco thinks its a hot weiner dog.
Zoot: I can assure you this baby is NOT a hot weiner dog. I’ve not been in a relationship with any Weiner Dogs in YEARS.
LilZ: We’re gonna make lots and lots of Cha-Ching at our Yard Sale today.
Zoot: As long as it stops raining.
MrZ: Burp, Grunt
LilZ: We have to get to work now – bye peoples.
Zoot: Pray that the rain clears up. We need the moolah.