The Amazing Race

  • I do not believe that Rob and Amber just drove by the wreck cackling at the injured people, and that Lynn and Alex were the oppposing saviors. NO. Think about it, if you needed help and KNEW other cars were coming, wouldn’t you stand out and wave them down? Yes. Was anyone doing that? No. Because there was OBVIOUSLY already another car there stopped. They just QUICKLY interpretted the situation and made a quick decision from there. Granted – it looked harsh – BUT – I don’t honestly believe they are the evil people Lynn and Alex make them out to be and I SURE AS HELL do not thin Lynn and Alex are the NOBLE people they make THEMSELVES out to be.
  • All of that said? OH MY GOD. That was the BEST finish ever because it was TIGHT but MY TEAM WON. (Yes. The Brothers are now MY TEAM because we have decided they are hysterical and we love them. Especially the going home to Mom part.)
  • Meridith and Gretchen? Y’all GOTTA read the clue. Many people lost the entire race because they didn’t read the clue.
  • I also think taking all of their possessions away was an okay idea. It gave them MORE of a disadvantage on FUTURE legs. The whole “No Money” thing only sucked for one leg, but I believe the team that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED should have a disadvantage that lasts longer. BUT – I worry about them! What if it gets cold!?
  • I reallly like Joyce and Uchenna.
  • There is no way in HELL I would EVER do that water tower crossing thing. In case you were wondering.
  • NO NO NO. Not The Little Socks

    (Yes. I know. Still no pregnancy category. We heard the heartbeat…but that doesn’t mean I’m still not paralyzed with fear that it will all go wrong right NOW.)

    I let myself look in the baby section today. See? LilZ’s Dad and I were young and poor when LilZoot was born. I don’t know if I ever went shopping JUST for baby things. We were give so much by so many people, I didn’t need too. But I have said, a dozen times over, that this time? Will be different. As soon as I feel comfortable with the future of this pregnancy? I’m going to buy and buy and buy until the Zoot family is forced to eat nothing but canned beets and we’re all wiping our butts with old newspapers.

    So, to prep for the Baby Shopping Spree of 2005, I thought I would just VISIT the baby section today. I mean, we did hear the heartbeat last night, that’s a good sign, right? No harm in looking, right? And then I saw the thing that made me realize the terror that looms before us.

    Baby socks.

    OH MY GOD. They are so FREAKIN tiny. I can’t even keep MrZ’s BigFoot athletic socks from disappearing into the Laundry Void, how in the HELL am I supposed to keep track of socks smaller than my POOPS. Seriously. Have you seen those things? TINY. Soooo Tiny. There is no way I will every be able to keep even one pair united after one wash, much less dozens of them.

    And let me just say – those sleepers and onesies aren’t much bigger than MrZs socks, so I’ll probably lose all of those too. Hell, I’ll probaby lose the BABY now that I think about it. They’re tiny when they’re born, aren’t they? Holy Crap. I’m totally going to lose the Baby at the Mall, arent I? My sockless baby will be lost forever because he’ll be so tiny I can’t keep up with him.


    Good thing I have LilZ around. He’s always been the master at finding my car keys when I misplace them, hopefully he’ll have a sibling-locater that is just as efficient.
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    PHP Error (Normal People, Ignore This Entry)

    This entry is useless to almost everyone but me. I’m documenting this though in case anyone else has a problem with it. Myllissann had some freaky errors on her site this morning looking like this:

    Warning: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

    There were SEVERAL variations of that same error, but they all traced back to that one first.

    It seems that somehow her PHP stopped recognizing the URLs called in her skins and I had to change the PHP calling her skins from

    php include(“”);

    $headervar = “”;
    $footervar = “”;
    $extension = ‘.php’;


    php include(“/home/mylliss/public_html/cookiecheck.php”);

    $headervar = “/home/mylliss/public_html/header”;
    $footervar = “/home/mylliss/public_html/footer”;
    $extension = ‘.php’;

    (keep in mind I deleted the ”

    Whenever I get bizzarro errors on my site, I Google the error to see if anyone else got the same one, and 9 times out of 10 I find the fix for it. That’s why I’m posting this ridiculously geeky entry – in case anyone else has that same problem.

    Whatever you do, don’t ask me WHY it happened. That? I have no clue about.

    First Family Meeting

    We got our doppler in the mail yesterday. You are supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat between 10w and 12w, and since I’m officially 10w today, I had to give it a try.

    I scanned my belly for a good two hours and could only hear a very EMPTY sounding placenta and my own damn arterial flow. And that is just a freakin’ tease because it sounds just like the heartbeat of the baby, but a billion times slower. I cried, I cursed, and I gave up.

    Before bed last night, we all curled up in bed together so I could show the boys how it worked. “That is my heartbeat…that is the placenta…that is my poop…that is my pee….and that is…that is…HOLY SHIT…That’s the BABY!”

    Or something like that.

    Either way, we heard it for a good while. It measured around 180bpm and stayed strong and loud long enough for MrZ to call his Mom who heard it as soon as she answered the phone. I couldn’t pick it up again last night, but I decided the baby did not appreciate that I was trying to hear him for the first time without the rest of the family. He wanted his brother and Dad to be there too, so he was hiding from me the first time.

    His brother and Dad. Now that sounds nice.

    I heard it again this morning, but not as clear and it was VERY hard to find. I’m hoping it will get easier to locate so my stress levels will drop. But until then? I’ll work for it – I don’t mind.

    We HEARD the heartbeat. We have officially made it farther than any previous pregnancy. Keep up the good work, kid. We’re all pulling for you.

    Do You Know What I LOVE?

    Do you know what I love?

    I love dressing in a short skirt thinking it’s going to be a nice, sunny day – highs in the upper 60s. THEN? Walking out the door for lunch and it’s raining with a temp of 43 degrees. THEN? Walking from my car to the door of the store and stomping in a puddle that was at LEAST 3 feet deep. THEN? Leaving the store and having NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE different cars feel it necessary to do their parking and leaving while I waiting IN THE COLD RAIN, IN A SKIRT, WITH NO UMBRELLA before I could get to my car.

    I love all of that.